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 An Introduction to Motivation

Accomplishing assignments is not an easy task especially for students. They need to possess extensive knowledge and exposure in handling coursework on Employee Motivation Assignment Help. They need professional expertise in drafting high quality work which is more than often is a difficult accomplishment. So, employee motivation is termed as a process which imparts a purpose with right direction to every person who can perform expertly in an organization. The core purpose and aim of employee motivation is to meet all the stated needs, demands, and desire of persons associated in the company. Motivation stands synonymous to being energetic and enthusiastic to take job role on a daily basis.

Benefits of Availing Motivation Case Study and Assignment Writing Services

The technique of employee motivation is important so that organization goal can be achieved in time of slow business economy. One can do this by just availing motivation case study help from BookMyEssay.

Core benefits endowed to employees are listed below:

  • The core purpose of employee motivation is to capture and inspire the high performing employees in an organization
  • In case employers feel disappointed, less motivated or uninterested, the work gets impacted. Such technique of employee motivation inspires and instils enthusiasm in the workforce.
  • Motivation helps in making the employees more empowered to perform a job to assist the business organizations.

What are core factors that play an essential role in inspiring motivation?

For an organisation, a range of factors that that influence the production of motivation strategy that need to be employed on the workforce there. Some of the core factors that fuel the motivation in the manpower in-house are:

  • Clear communication needs to be maintained between departments pertaining to various aspects so that employees can be treated significant
  • A well-defined leadership plan is essential to encourage employees which also includes the strategy for rewarding employees for helping them maintain good performance.
  • Motivation is also directed for fulfilling the motive of treating them with respect.
  • The employees ae also entitled with company welfare and perks.

Models of Employee Motivation Thesis Writing Help

  • Reward System – As the name indicates, each employee working in a company must be rewarded accordingly based on their performance.
  • Designing of Jobs – In order to fetch employee satisfaction, it is important for a company to design jobs which is inspiring, evocative and fascinating.
  • Performance Management – As per this model, a company of must device strong, reasonable, and dependable processes.
  • Culture – To motivate employees, a company must instil a work culture that must carry elements of teamwork, partnership, friendship, among the peers.

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Explaining Five Psychological Theories in Motivation Assignment Help

  1. Hertzberg’s Two-Factor TheoryAlso known as Motivation-Hygiene Theory or Dual-factor Theory carry tow important elements / factors including:
  • Motivator factors – This is inclusive of positive moods wherein employees enjoy working, get recognised and get opportunities to scale up in their careers
  • Hygiene factors – such category include company policies, salary, employee compensation and benefits, relationships that are established between managers and co-workers.
  1. Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs: These include five factors:
  • Physiological (food, water and shelter)
  • Safety –personal and financial
  • Love –friendships, family and relationships
  • Self-Esteem – get confidence and respect from others
  • Self-actualisation – be the best of oneself
  1. Hawthorne Effect – This came into being post a series of social experiments taking into account some factors that impact the physical conditions such as lighting, shift hours and breaks to see effect on productivity
  2. Expectancy Theory – Expectancy Theory explains the process of individual behaving in a certain way when they already known the outcomes in the form of rewards or compensation.
  3. Three-Dimensional Theory of Attribution – It explains the effects of three major factors namely Stability, Locus of control and Controllability concerning a particular situation.

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