Maslow Motivation Theory Assignment Help

Maslow Motivation Theory Assignment Help
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Maslow Motivation Theory Assignment Help

Maslow’s Motivation theory or Hierarchy of needs is one of the oldest and popular workplace motivation theory in modern management. Maslow talked about the hierarchy of needs that keep people motivated. Every stage in this hierarchy has different levels of demands. People thrive to fulfill these different levels of demands. According to Maslow, these different levels of demands follow a definite order. If you are pursuing any course in Business Management, Marketing Management, or Human Resource Management, you will come across Maslow’s theory of motivation or Maslow’s Hierarchy of needs. You may have to face assignments on that topic. We, at BookMyEssay, has been providing Maslow Motivation Theory assignment help. If you face any problem in assignment these kinds of assignments for any reason whatsoever, we offer a professional solution. Students from different countries contact us for this service. We want to deliver the assignments right in time, they also want to achieve high grades. So, they contact us.

Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs

This model of Maslow came forth in 1943 for the first time. It was later modified in 1954. Maslow said that at any point of time, people drive themselves to achieve some specific goal, so to say, at any point of time an individual has one level of demands. These demands motivate them to achieve it, after fulfilling those demands, some new types of demands are developed which motivates that individual to fulfill that need once again. In this way hierarchy of needs is created. According to Maslow Theory, there are five stages of needs:

  1. Physiological needs: These are the most basic needs that every human being seeks like fresh air to breath, fresh drinking water, good shelter, sufficient food and clothing, a strong shelter, etc. These needs are also called biological needs.
  2. Safety needs: Once the physiological or biological needs are fulfilled, people look to fulfill safety needs. These needs are like protection from external threats, safeguard from natural calamities, money for buying properties, freedom from fear, etc.
  3. Love and belonging: When the above two needs are fulfilled, people look for love and belongingness. People seek love from near and dear ones like spouse and friends. People in the workplace look for good friendship from the colleagues and expects their boss to be caring. People want to become a part of a group where they feel they will receive maximum attention. At this stage, people often look for affiliations.
  4. Esteem needs: Once the above three needs are fulfilled, people want to fulfill their esteem needs. There are two different kinds of esteem needs:
    • Self-esteem: An individual wants to be independent, wants to have dignity in life, wants to master some subjects.
    • Esteem needs from others: An individual wants to be adored, wants social prestige and status.
  5. Self-actualization needs: According to Maslow, this is the last stage of need hierarchy. He said an individual wants to become “everything one is capable of becoming”. The person will try to flourish in the fields that attract them the most. At this stage, people want to fulfill their inner needs.

In a workplace, for a manager, this theory has a great significance. According to the experts, managers need to understand their subordinates through this theory. At what stage a subordinate currently is? What are the subordinates current personal and professional target? What is his long-term target? People can be motivated to perform with high efficiency if a manager can motivate the subordinate from the current hierarchy of need to the next one.

Over the passage of time, this theory has been changed in many aspects. Many experts in this field have added their views or modified it in different ways to give it a more practical look.

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