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Students studying geography in their schools, colleges or universities frequently face problems while writing assignments related to that subject. During those times, they contact Bookmyessay for getting expert help for writing their respective assignments properly. Geography is a vast and tough subject. Students need to cover up wide many topics on geography in very short span of time. This induces them to go on learning without getting into a topic intensely. Thus, writing assignments on geography is really problematic in many occasions. The geography assignment help service solves this problem of the students very authentically.

Geography: An overview

Simply speaking, geography is the study of the characteristics of the world’s landscape, places, environments and peoples. Geography is a unique subject that deals with the social sciences, i.e. human geography and also with the natural sciences, i.e. physical geography.

Geography helps to understand the social and physical procedures from the perspectives of places, environments and regions. It recognizes the differences in cultures, economies, political systems, landscapes and environments across the world, and the relations between them. Understanding the reasons of differences and dissimilarities between the two places or between the social groups are under the purview of newly developed human geography.

In many aspects Geography is an interdisciplinary subject. When geography tries to interpret a certain behavior of people in a region, influence of physical environment often comes into discussion. Such trend is visible in many other aspects too. Thus, it is not surprising that geographers frequently contribute significantly to the management of physical resources and environments.

In the broadest sense, Geography, is an education for survival and safe living. Learning with the help of geography, whether gained through formal learning or through fieldwork and expeditions, supports everybody to be more socially and environmentally sensitive, conversant and accountable citizens of a nation.

Thus, geography helps common people and experts in different fields to –

  • Understand more intensively, the places and communities in which they live and work.
  • Better understand the natural environments and adversities the human could face in future or threats to human race and all living beings.
  • The interrelationships between different cultures and the communities within it
  • Understand, how and why the basic characteristics of the world is changing, globally and regionally.
  • Understand how individual and societal actions contribute to the physical and environmental changes.
  • Get clear knowledge on the different choices exist in managing the world for the future.
  • The significance of location in trade and business.

Scholars who study geography and later become professionals in this field are known as geographers. These professionals engage themselves in the exciting and important task of exploring, and researching the natural environment of the earth and human society. Previously, the map-makers were known as geographers, but today, map-makers are more known as cartographers. Geographers on the other hand, focus on two major fields of geographical studies, viz. physical geography and human geography.

Different branches of geography

Physical geography and human geography are further divided into several other branches –

Physical Geography

Some important branches of Physical geography are as follows –

  • Glaciology – It studies the features of glaciers and their effects on the earth’s environment.
  • Geomorphology – It is the study of the topographic and bathymetric features of the Earth. This branch of physical geography also helps to clarify various features of the land-forms on the Earth. Geomorphology also tries to forecast the possible changes in the Earth’s physical features.
  • Oceanography – It is the study of the oceans and everything related to oceans.
  • Pedology – It involves the study of soil features on the surface of the earth. It also looks into the process of soil formation, soil texture and constitution of soils.
  • Climatology – It is related to the study of climates of the world and local places. It also studies impact of human society on climate and vice versa.
  • Meteorology –  This area of physical geography is concerned with the study of the weather of a place and all allied matters.
  • Geomatics – It is a technical division of physical geography that includes the collection, analysis and scientific storage of data related to the earth’s surface. This branch of geography is further subdivided into sub-branches like Geodesy, and geographical information science.

Human Geography

Based on the focus of study, this branch of geography is further subdivided into many other branches. Some of these branches are as follows –

  • Population Geography – This branch of human geography deals with the study of distribution, growth, arrangement, and movement of human populations depending on the geographical nature of a place.
  • Cultural Geography – It studies the reasons behind cultural differences assuming environmental differences greatly influence cultural characteristics of a place.
  • Political Geography – It deals with the political boundaries between the countries and the division of land and resources among the countries.

Geography Assignment help

From the above discussion it is evident that geography is a vast course. Naturally, the assignments on geography are equally hard and exciting. Hence, students seek help from geography assignment help. The writers linked with BookMyEssay for helping the students struggling hard with their geography assignments are the most competent writers in this industry. They, along with the other supporting staffs are providing the most reliable and professional assignment help service to the students.

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