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IEEE stands for The Institute of Electrical and Electrical Engineers. IEEE referencing style is a numbered referencing system that utilizes reference numbers in the script of the papers, given in square brackets. Assignment help for IEEE referencing system by the incredibly competent writers of BookMyEssay not only furnishes in-depth analysis work on the subject but also attractively present them in a lucid language for better insight.

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What is IEEE Referencing Style?

Before diving deep into the subject, academic assignment help on IEEE Referencing Style by BookMyEssay gives a reasonable definition of the subject. It not only assists to understand better but also contributes to the all-around presentation of the assignment.

The Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers, IEEE referencing style is a number based referencing technique generally uses numbers as quotations in the text given in square brackets. A full conforming reference is listed at the end of the paper, second to respective citation numbers.

In IEEE referencing style, it is needless to speak of the name of the author, the pages utilized or even the date of publication in the text-referring. Instead, IEEE encourages to refer the citation with a number in the square bracket, that will conform to the entire reference in the citation list.

For example, “several recent surveys [3], [15], [21] have indicated that…”

How to Use IEEE Reference Style in Word?

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If one wants to insert IEEE referencing style in Word, there is no automatic way of doing it. But Word empowers the users with enough IEEE reference generator to accomplish the goal.

First, the user needs to make sure that the footnotes are ready. He or she needs to keep in mind that the footnote marches the IEEE format. Once the referencing style is complete, the user just needs to paste the formatted referencing style in the conventional Word footnote.

The following steps will further help the user with the process.

  1. Press Ctrl+H. The Word will exhibit the Replace tab of the ‘Find and Replace Tab’.
  2. The user needs to make sure that Find What Box is absolutely clear.
  3. The user needs to click ‘Format’ and then click ‘Style’ button. Word will display the ‘Find Style’ dialog box.
  4. The user needs to click the ‘Footnote Reference’.
  5. The user needs to click ‘Ok’ and close the ‘Find Style’ dialog box.
  6. The user needs to enter [^&] in the ‘Replace With’ box.
  7. The user finally has to click ‘Replace All’.

At this juncture, the user should have brackets [] around all footnote. However, they may be some footnotes formatted as Superscript. In this case, the user desires to amend the Footnote Reference Style, so it does not emerge as Superscript. BookMyEssay has become a household name for its professionalism and the urge to provide all writing service to students around the globe.

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