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MLA Referencing Generator

MLA is a common citation style used by academicians and students. Are you searching for a reliable and easy way of citing the sources in an MLA format? Do not look further because BookMyEssay’s MLA referencing generator tool is designed to remove the difficulties of citing. Using a MLA referencing generator can help to simplify the citing process, enabling you to focus on the important things and completing the assignments according to the best abilities. If you require a helping hand to create your citations then you can get in touch with us. You can also get accurate assignment help for MLA referencing style.

What is MLA Citation Generator Tool?

MLA is the abbreviation for Modern Language Association, an organization, which focuses on literature and language. Depending on the subject area the research or class focuses on, you might have to ask to cite the source in an MLA style. It is a particular way of citing, following the guidelines of the Modern Language Associations’s style.

There are other styles including Chicago citation style and APA format, however, MLA format is used for language, literature, liberal arts, and humanities subjects.  The objective of the MLA citation is to refrain from plagiarism and attributing unoriginal ideas or work to the right sources. This allows readers to get a clear idea regarding the validation and strength of the information utilized. Different instructors and institutions have used the MLA style widely for almost half a century.

Citation Basics

While adding information to a project from a different source, you have to add an MLA citation. There are two kinds of MLA format citations that are discussed in our MLA citation generator tool including full citations and in-text citations.

Full Citation: The sources used in a project are available in the MLA format Cited page is usually the last item. MLA citing format includes the information in the following order: The last name of the Author, First Name, Source title, version, number, publication date, and location.

In-text Citation: While using paraphrasing information from any source or direct quote, add the in-text into the body of work. In a direct quote, word-word quotes are pulled from sources and added to a project. Paraphrase means taking a part of the information from a specific source and then placing it in their own words. Paraphrases, as well as direct quotes, need in-text citations for following it.

Format of the in-text citation is as “ Paraphrase or Direct Quote or Author’s last name is the paraphrase or Direct quote

In the in-text citation, you use information from articles, websites, and other sources for papers, The best writing and research projects using information from different sources for validating claims. The basic purpose of in-text citations is to give the readers a brief idea regarding the place you find the information.

Creating MLA Page Heading

You can create a format of a page header in an MLA style. This includes the last name of the author and its page number on the right. The steps are stated in our MLA referencing generator tool free of cost:

  • Using an appropriate paper, it should be A4 size standard paper.
  • Find an accurate font, Use simple, classic, and easy-to-read fonts. The font size must be 12 points. Try to use the same font size and type in the header as well as the main body.
  • Offer the right size to a margin.
  • Include the last name and a page number to the right.

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