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Chicago Referencing Generator for Free

Writing an academic paper in Chicago style can be difficult. It is not just massive but can be challenging to use a Chicago citation style. If you are facing problems with this citation style, you can get an easy Chicago referencing generator for free from BookMyEssay that can meet your needs. We can offer you an instant assignment help for Chicago referencing style that can assist to create footnotes and bibliographies within no time. Citing sources in a Chicago referencing style has not been much easier. You can use our Chicago referencing tool and you can get rid of all problems that you have faced before. With this aid, you can score good marks on your academic papers.

What is Chicago Referencing Tool?

Chicago Citation is used by paper writers, students, and researchers all across the globe for acknowledging the use of ideas and words of other people in the written work thus offering credibility to their conclusions and statements without committing plagiarism. There are two documentation systems such as the following:

  • NB or Notes-Bibliography System is made up of endpoints or footnotes or both and bibliographies
  • Autor-Date Systems comprises author-date citations and a reference list that includes complete publication information

This Chicago writing style provides academic experts with the option between the two formats. Opting for a system that you shall apply to work shall depend on the discipline and the kind of sources that you cite. If you are not sure regarding the system you will be using, ensure that you consult your tutors.

Basis of Chicago Formatting

For a Chicago style, you have to double-space the text, have the page numbers at the top, and use a one-inch margin. The font must be readable and it should not be less than 10 points. The paper has various parts beyond formatting:

  • Title Page: A title page might not be essential, however shall include your name, title, date, and class information.
  • Main Body: It is the place where the real information will be situated.
  • References: You will cite the sources that you have used in either a reference or bibliography list.

Formatting Headings

Chicago does not have any specific guideline while formatting headings. Thus you can use any format that you feel the most comfortable with. You have to stay consistent for format headings and format subheadings. Use the title case while formatting the capitalization of the headings. We are a reliable Chicago referencing generator tool who also referencing guidance to the students.

In-Text Citations

In-text citations are essential. The reason is that it gives credit to the quotes that you use in the body of your content. If you try to pass on someone’s else words or thoughts like your own then it is plagiarism. To avoid any kind of plagiarism, ensure that you cite the sources using note-bibliographies or author-date style.

Footnotes and Endnotes

The other kind of in-text citation that you will format is footnotes and endnotes. If you will not include both footnotes and endnotes in your content, they are created in the same way. You may add a superscript number after paraphrased or quoted information, which corresponds with a footnote or an endnote.

Chicago Style Citations

Bibliographies are unique that includes the sources that you have used for creating papers. The Chicago style contains the following:

  • Author
  • Year of publication
  • Date of publication
  • Publisher
  • Publication city
  • Date of access
  • Page number
  • URL

The Distinguishing Features of BookMyEssay

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