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Operating System Assignment Help
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Operating System Assignment Help

BookMyEssay provides very authentic and professional Operating system assignment help for computer science students. Working on the operating system assignments is not an easy job, because operating systems are quite complicated in nature and their working procedures are also very complex. How the systems work, how they interact with the hardware, how they define the errors, how they control the network and data, how they control the data flow, etc. and hundreds of other assignment topics are given to the students. The efficient BookMyEssay writers make this job easier and faster for the students.

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An Overview of the Operating Systems:

Operating System (OS) is the most important software for any computer or smartphone. It helps a computer or smartphone to run efficiently and manages every bit of activity a user of the computer or smartphone does. It manages all the other programs in the system. Except the OS, all other programs called applications or application programs take help of OS by making requests for services through a pre-defined Application Program Interface (API). At the same time, the users can relate directly with the operating system through a user interface that are available in form of command and graphical interface.

An OS provides hundreds of services. Some of those services are as follows –

  • Operating Systems are normally multitasking in nature. That means, a user can run more than one program at a time in his or her device. The operating system regulates the order of their running, and how much time one application will get at a stretch, before another runs. The efficiency of a computer is often determined by the common users, who have no un-depth knowledge or interest in the computer hardware system, on the basis of the efficiency of the operating systems.
  • An operating system manages the internal memory of a computer and other devices. It controls how much internal memory will be used by individual applications.
  • An operating system also controls the input and output in the entire computer system or other device. Thus, when a print command is given to the printer from a MS Word file, OS determines how data will flow from the hard disk to the printer and vice versa. It is a complicated job, which is efficiently managed by an OS.
  • It constantly updates the status of an application, when the latter is working for any specific purposes. It sends messages to each application or to a system operator about the status of the operation. It also specifies immediately if any error occurs or any rectification is needed.
  • It can crate and off load the batch jobs and free the application from a long list of jobs. It is another important job of OS, which keeps the computer from overburden that may slow down the system as a whole. This service also saves time of the system operator.
  • OS also controls the computer networking, which is important when more than one computer are working together. It could easily manage the applications and how the data will flow inward and outward in a network including the internet.
  • On the computers that have parallel processing systems, an OS can manage how the program will be divided systematically, so that the program can run on multiple processors smoothly.

A computer system computer, including its hardware and software requires and occasionally include an OS. The designers of operating systems, develop the systems with different features to meet the various needs of the computers and operators. OS needs constant up gradation, and expansion with the changing market demand and introduction of new applications.

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