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Lots of students contact BookMyEssay for solving their accounting assignment papers. Students of accounting face lots of trouble while working on the assignments mainly because of lack of time and resources. Working on accounting theory is always a time-consuming and complicated task. Every day the helpdesk of BookMyEssay is overpoured with queries like can you solve my accounting paper and can you provide an accounting expert to solve my paper and all these types of queries. It is a good news for every accounting students around the world is that we have the strongest and most efficient team of finance and accounting experts working day and night helping hundreds of students every month. So, next time, instead of typing solve my accounting assignment paper on Google directly contact us. Our helpdesk is always active and our writing service affordable.

Accounting is a Tricky Subject and the Foundation of Finance

Accounting is a broad term. It includes many aspects like the following ones:

  • It is a systematic method of recording transactions
  • Accounting helps to maintain all major and minor financial records
  • Accounting helps to keep the books of accounts which are necessary for financial auditing
  • Accounting helps to create reports on various financial matters that management requires for decision making and planning.
  • Accounting is extremely important for taxation

Accounting also helps to understand the new assets and resources available to a firm, how the resources are utilized, the key areas of expenses, how the assets are performing, net revenue and expenses, and many other things.

There are several types of accounting principles used across the globe. An accounting principle is the general rules and regulations regarding accounting and bookkeeping that every organization in a country should maintain. It brings a uniformity in the accounting process that helps the government of a country to regulate the business world and establish business ethics.  GAAP or Generally Accepted Accounting Principles is made up of three sections:

  1. The accounting principles and guidelines
  2. The rules and standards provided by the authority
  3. Common industry practices

When you are given an assignment on accounting, it is expected that you will follow a certain accounting principle or standard. What you will follow depends on the country where you reside or studying at this moment. If you have come from India and studying accounting at an Australian university, you cannot follow the accounting standard of India. You have to know the GAAP of Australia. But, do not worry. You have BookMyEssay with you. We can help you professionally with your accounting concepts.

The most common types of accounting principles are as follows:

  • Monetary unit assumption
  • Going concern principle
  • Revenue recognition principle
  • Time period assumption
  • Cost principle
  • Economic entity assumption
  • Matching principle

There is a wide range of topics which make your syllabus on accounting like the following ones:

  • Journal, Ledger, Trial Balance
  • Balance Sheet and analysis of balance sheet
  • Accounting for bills of exchange that include accounting treatment of bills of exchange, types, and classification of bills of exchange, discounting of a bill of exchange, etc.
  • Purchase journal, purchase return journal, and sales return journal
  • Cashbook that includes single column, double column, and triple column cash books
  • Cash flow statements including format and sections, steps in cash flow statement, etc.
  • Material cost control and Inventory cost control
  • Variable costing, the theory of constraints, Absorption costing, the difference between variable costing and absorption costing, limitations of variable costing systems,
  • Revenue expenditures, capital expenditures, and their differences
  • Classification of inventories including classification of inventories, differences among different inventory systems, problems in different types of inventory valuations, average cost method, etc.
  • Maintaining accounts for non-profit making organizations
  • Activity-based costing, GAAP, External report development, etc.

There are scores of other topics and sub-topics included in an accounting course at the undergraduate and postgraduate levels. If you are looking for an expert to help you completing your essay and assignment on accounting and wishing if anybody could solve my accounting paper, then look nowhere anymore. We are here to help you professionally and believe us we are the most dependable and affordable assignment writing help service.

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