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Coco Cola SWOT Assignment Help
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Coco Cola SWOT Assignment Help

Assignments in marketing management are common for the students who are doing Management courses. While writing any assignment on this subject, students have to complete the task by giving examples of real-life situations. Writing marketing assignment is a difficult job and mostly these assignments require thorough analysis and related updated data. BookMyEssay is one of the online assignment providers that helps with the professional marketing assignment to the students. We have hired academically qualified and highly experienced writers to help the students with their marketing assignment. According to the professional writers, an in-depth research is needed to write an assignment that can meet an examiner’s expectations. These marketing assignments are very much in demand and proper guidance is always required from the highly qualified and experienced experts.

Sometimes the students are given assignments on SWOT analysis of a product. Here at BookMyEssay, we can assist the students with our Coca-Cola SWOT Analysis assignment help. Coca-Cola is a leading manufacturing company of a non-alcoholic beverage drink in the world. The carbonated drink is loved by kids and adults and also known as Coke by people. But when the marketing management students get the assignment to write the SWOT analysis of this product, they find it hard to crack. In order to write a SWOT Analysis, students need to do market analysis about the product. Market Analysis is about investigating and studying the market and involves both the product and services. Market Analysis aids in identifying the various aspects of a market with methodologies such as 4 P’s of marketing, SWOT analysis, and PESTEL.

Coca-Cola SWOT Analysis

The Coca-Cola Corporation is the largest beverage company in the world. The company markets over 600 non-alcoholic beverage mostly sparkling beverages and also other beverages like water, juices, coffees and energy drinks. It is known for its chief product Coca-Cola and it is sold in more than 200 countries. SWOT stands for strength, weakness, opportunities, and threats. Now let us do the SWOT Analysis of Coca-Cola:


  • The company has almost 40 percent of the market share of cola, which is the largest share.
  • As far as profit, revenue, brand image and stock market performance is considered it is the best brand in the world.
  • More than three million dollars is reserved for marketing of the product.
  • It has extensive distribution and marketing network all over the world. It is present in over 200 countries and about 1.8 billion drinks are sold each year.
  • It is expanding its CSR activities with programs like water recycling, packaging, and energy conservation.


  • The company’s main focus is towards the aerated drinks like Coke, Fanta, and Sprite. This limited focus can prove to be risky if more people focus towards healthy drinks.
  • Its competitor Pepsi has diversified its business into beverage and food. But Coca Cola’s concentration is on drinks only. This single-minded focus can cost majorly if the demand for the carbonated drinks shrinks in future.
  • It has a huge amount of debt in the market.
  • Although the company is selling more than 500 products only a few of them are earning in billion dollars.


  • The growth in the consumption of the packaged drinking water, as well as the aerated drinks, is expected in the Third World countries each year.
  • With the growing trend of being health conscious, the company shall benefit from the sale of Diet Coke and other low sugar level drinks.
  • The company can expand its business if it acquires the business that is existing in the Third World countries and the BRICS nations.
  • It can also expand by entering into the packaged food industry.


  • People’s perception is that the aerated drinks lead to heath problems. This perception has to be won to survive.
  • The major revenue of the company comes from the foreign markets. If the currency performance of the other countries is weak, it can hamper the sales.
  • Pepsi and RC Cola are stiff competitors.
  • Water resource is a big problem.
  • The increasing cost of raw material can lead to higher manufacturing cost.
  • The markets in the developed countries are very saturated.

This is the SWOT Analysis of Coca-Cola. We at BookMyEssay can provide the marketing students with Coca-Cola SWOT Analysis assignment help.

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