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Criminology Assignment Help
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Criminology Assignment Help

Criminology is the study of crimes and behavior of criminals. It also explains why the criminals behave in some particular ways than the normal persons and what are the probable reasons for turning to antisocial activities. BookMyEssay provides some of the most efficient writers and criminologists to help students who are struggling hard to complete their criminology assignments right in time. Writing assignments on criminology is indeed a gigantic job. It is found that students couldn’t handle such assignments proficiently due to so many aspects involved in it. This is the reason that they don’t take a chance and contact BookMyEssay to get criminology assignment help in this matter.

Different aspects of criminology

Primarily, criminology is a branch of sociology. It has been studied and applied by many eminent sociologists, and psychologists over the centuries. Criminology is an interdisciplinary subject that means students need to have different levels of proficiency in other related subjects like psychology, sociology, law, and biology or genetics also. As said before, it is the scientific study of crimes and different aspects related to crime. It keeps focus on many related matters, including causes and psychological conditions of the people that make them criminals. It also investigates social and familial reasons that induce or forces a person to undertake illegal activities.

Students also need to learn the history of criminology and its modern trends elaborately in order to have in-depth understanding of the subject.

Criminology is important from different perspectives, some specific areas that criminology focuses on include:

  • Frequency of crimes
  • Normal locations where crimes take place frequently
  • Different causes of crimes
  • Types of crimes and its classification depending on the nature of the crimes
  • Social and individual significances of crimes
  • Social and individual reactions to crime
  • Governmental reactions to crime
  • Government’s role in controlling crimes.

Criminologists look at the broader aspects of crime and help the authorities and social organizations to get into the matter more purposefully with an aim to eradicate crime from society. In many developed countries, police take help of criminologist to understand the actual reason behind growing crime and also to find ways to mitigate crime.

There are different theories and schools of thoughts on this subject which the students also need to know elaborately –

Classical School – It is the oldest and best known school of thought advocated by the famous Italian attorney Cesare Beccaria, it embraces four basic ideas –

  • Every individual has a free will to make a choice to act in certain ways and reject the other choices.
  • It is a common occurrence that people will seek pleasure and reject hard activities.
  • Punishment can lessen the rate of crime.
  • The swiftness and certainty of punishment in a country can lessen the rate of punishment to a great extent.

Positive school – It opines that crime doesn’t depend on mere pain and pleasure concept. There are many other factors like social, genetic, economic, and psychological factors on which rate of crime and people’s mentality to indulge in criminal activities depends.

Chicago School – This school applies the theory of evolution to criminology. It opines that every human being adapts to his or her environment. It proposes that poverty is the primary reason behind the crimes. A well-built social structure breaks down due to poverty, leading to inability of a society to deal efficiently with the crime.

Careers in Criminology

Criminologists have high demand in different sectors. Earning a degree in the fields open up opportunities in academic niches or advanced degrees in field such as forensic psychology provides a solid foundation for a bright career in different high paying jobs in government agencies. Criminology is both a fascinating and rewarding field, and jobs in this field open up challenging responsibilities too.

Help with Criminology Assignment Writing

It is evident that writing criminology assignment is not an easy task. One needs to accumulate large data, historical aspects, past cases, legal consequences, long-term effects and so many other matters while writing these assignments. That is why, it is always feasible to take expert help with crimilogy assignment writing from professional sociology assignment writing experts as provided by BookMyEssay. These writers are so experienced and knowledgeable that any assignment on criminology supervised by these writers never fail to obtain higher marks in the examination and good remarks from the examiner.

Moreover, these expert writers keep focus on the following matters too –

  • They take references from the most authentic sources to ensure that data used are the latest ones.
  • They also ensure 100% plagiarism free writing.
  • They are habituated to follow guidelines and submit completed assignments well within the deadlines.

Features of BookMyEssay

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