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What is a GPA Calculator?

The Grade Point Average or GPA is evaluated by dividing the total grade points gained by the total amount of credit points gained. Counting on the college one studies, he or she will have a specific grading system. The grading system varies from one college to another. The grading system is also recognized as a percentage system, numbering system or letter grade system.

How to Calculate the GPA?

Students can evaluate their GPA or Grade Point Average with the assistance of the following information:

  • Credit attempts – These are the cumulative number of credits for the course a student has taken.
  • Final grades earned – By utilizing the unofficial transcript, a student can detect the grades he or she has received in all the classes of the program.
  • Point values for those grades – Each grade is allocated a point value. For example, for Grade A, the value is 4.00, for Grade B the value is 3.00, for Grade C the value is 2.00, for Grade D the value is 1.00 and for Grade F the value is 0.00.

The basic formula for best GPA calculator is to divide the full earned points in a program by the total of credits endeavored by the student.

Hence, Grade Average Point = Total points earned / Total credits attempted.

If a student fails in a class, he or she will get a Grade of F, which means that the student will not achieve any grade points. However, the credits attempted from that course will still be retained. This is the reason the GPA can fall drastically when a student fails.

If that student, who failed in his or her class, retakes the class and pass in his or her program, the original grade will remain unchanged on the transcript but will no longer be a part of the GPA calculation. Only the credits attempted will be used in GPA calculator.

How GPA is Calculated in Indian Colleges?

In India, a maximum number of colleges utilize a grading system out of 100%. In GPA calculation 100% is equivalent to 100 points. Therefore, 25 points in percentage are equivalent to 1 point in the GPA system. If a student wants to convert the percentage system of gradation to a Grade Point Average system, the basic formula for GPA calculator = Percentage received / 100 × 4.

For example, if a student in India scores 85%, his or her GPA score will be (85/100)×4 = 3.4.

This system of calculating GPA may vary from one college to another, depending on their personal preferences and policies of gradation.

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