McDonalds PESTLE Analysis Case Study Help

McDonalds PESTLE Analysis Case Study Help
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McDonalds PESTLE Analysis Case Study Help

McDonalds is a fast food chain leader in the world. The brand’s strategy case study relates the concept of food on the go that it revolutionized well. The benefit is that a number of customers became familiar and loyal leading to the incredible brand value of McDonalds. There are competitors in the same market, such as Burger King and Wendy’s. However, they have not been able to strive so well like McDonalds in the geographical mix of different cultures. McDonalds’ policy of making available safe and affordable food has made the brand extremely renowned globally. BookMyEssay is the resource for you to get McDonalds PESTLE Analysis case study help and writing service.

What You Ought to Know About McDonalds Case Study of PESTLE Analysis?

The PESTLE Analysis analyzes the external environmental and macroeconomic forces on the business of the brand. Their franchise spreads the brand value and internal distribution. The PESTLE analysis investigates the business environment that is external impacting the brand in six major aspects: political, economic, sociological, technological, environmental, and legal.

A single organization is generally not able to directly affect the external factors that the organization faces; however, a combination of organizations is able to exert certain pressure on the factors, specifically political factors by using the clever use of political lobbying. An appropriate understanding of these factors enables the organization to highlight business opportunity areas when combined with a perfect understanding of the strength of the business. In addition, it allows in highlighting potential threats to the business when combined with an apt understanding of the weaknesses of the business. Therefore, it is important for an effective tactical development to analyze external factors before analyzing the intrinsic strengths and weaknesses of the business by means of the SWOT analysis.

Here are several factors affecting the business of McDonalds:

  • Political factors: McDonalds considers the political impact on the brand. The aspect concerns the effects of the actions of the government on the businesses environment whether remote or macro. With respect to McDonalds, the crucial political factors are pending tax reform (an opportunity), increasing global trade agreements (an opportunity), and progressing public wellbeing programs (an opportunity and a threat).
  • Economic factors: Global economic variations impact the environment of the McDonalds’ industry. These factors concern the influences of economic movements and situations on the environment of businesses whether remote or macro. The most prominent economic outside factors include steady but uncertain European markets (a threat), sluggish but steady US economy development (an opportunity), and the Chinese market slowdown (a threat).
  • Social factors: It is imperative for McDonalds to respond to social changes in its macro or remote environment. This aspect pertains to the common circumstances supporting or limiting industries. The most noteworthy social elements are increasing cultural diversity (an opportunity), widening wealth gap (an opportunity), and healthy lifestyle trend (a threat and opportunity).
  • Technological factors: The success of McDonalds partially depends upon technological applications. The aspect relates to technology and other trends’ impact on the macro or remote environment of organizations. It is crucial for McDonalds to address technological factors, such as increasing business automation (an opportunity), moderating R&D industry activity (an opportunity), and increasing sales through mobile devices (an opportunity).
  • Ecological factors: These factors influence the brand’s consumers and therefore its performance. The ecological factors refer to the ecological problems in organizational environment whether remote or macro. The factors include growing importance of supportable corporate tactics (an opportunity), growing attention for corporate ecological programs (an opportunity), and environment variation (a threat).
  • Legal factors: McDonalds must abide by legal requirements imposed on the environment whether remote or macro. The legal aspect deals with the regulation or laws on firms. The crucial factors include local health regulations in schools and workplaces (a threat), new permissible lowest pay levels in the United States (a threat), and regulations for animal safety (an opportunity and threat).

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