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Marketing Mix Assignment Help
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Marketing Mix Assignment Help

Marketing assignments look easier, but in reality there are tougher than any other types of marketing assignments. Marketing assignments are challenging, because these assignments need professional experience to write confidently. Among the various subjects matter on which examiners assign assignments on marketing, 4Ps of Marketing is counted among the toughest topics. Most of the assignments in form of essay or report writing on 4Ps of marketing are assigned with a problem, i.e. students are asked to build a marketing strategy for launching new products, or an existing product in a new market etc. Such assignments, undoubtedly, require in-depth knowledge on various aspects of marketing including 4Ps of marketing. BookmyEssay provides Marketing Mix assignment help support service where students are given all sorts of guidance to write marketing assignments on 4Ps quite confidently.

4Ps of marketing/ Marketing Mix

The 4Ps of marketing, also called Marketing Mix are the four vital aspects of any ‘brand’. The term was coined by Neil Borden and covers the vital aspects like Product, Price, Place and Promotion.

Let’s have a brief look at these 4Ps of marketing –

  • Product – Product may be tangible or intangible, like a concept or service which couldn’t be seen but have utility, are also considered as products. The organization should have a clear idea about the product, its utilities and also its restrictions. All these aspects are important in determining the target market of the product the organization is selling.
  • Price – Fixing price of the product is the most vital aspect among all these 4Ps of marketing. One way, the price of the product needs to be market competitive and on the other way, it needs to be fixed at such a level where the organization will get sufficient profit out of it. Price determination impacts multiple of other aspects in product marketing like supply and demand, marketing strategy and operation management etc.
  • Place – Target market is the other important aspect in marketing strategy of a product. Initially every organization restricts their market within a specific region where they will get sufficient customers and a scope to penetrate further. Later, as the organization gains experience, market is further expanded. Every organization works in this area strategically, because it involves lots of expenses and involvements of resources.
  • Promotion – After fixing all these above Ps, sales promotion is the other vital aspect which helps to aware the targeted market about the product. Promotion includes elements like advertising, digital marketing, public relations, SEO, video marketing and more. Organizations all over the world are going innovative as far as the promotion of products is concerned. Product positioning is very vital nowadays, because in each market niche competition is stiffing up every day.

Sales and Marketing professionals are taught to apply these 4Ps practically to optimize product life in the market. Through the use of this really useful tool, the effort is made to fulfill the target of the seller and satisfy the customers’ need. When appropriately understood and utilized, this marketing mix has proven to be a key factor in a product’s success. At the same time, it is required to keep focus on these four aspects of marketing constantly, otherwise the product or the organization may lose market competitiveness.

Problems students face while writing assignments on 4Ps of marketing

Student’s pursuing courses on sales and marketing, are given some classes on marketing mix and they are taught different aspects of this methodology through case studies and discussions. At the end, each year, thousands of students contact BookMyEssay to get helpful guidance to work on their respective assignments on 4Ps of marketing. Assignments on this subject matter is always special for the students because 4Ps, i.e. Product, Price, Place and Promotion look simple to explain from outside, but these need lots of resources and expert analytical ability to write them properly.

A few problems students of marketing often face are as follows –

  • Gathering resources from which sufficient information as well as latest data can be acquired is the primary obstacle for the students.
  • Jotting down the thoughts and interpreting the available data by keeping focus on the problem given in the assignments is another key area where the students face severe problem.

As far as these four variables are concerned, information can’t be put arbitrarily. In the academic assignment writing, students are mostly given real world organizations and issues. Hence, examiners always expect that students get actual data from the relevant sources as much as possible. You can get online assignment writer service from us with 100% plagiarism free work.

Guidance Offered by the Writers

Writers associated with BookMyEssay are all professional people possessing years of experience and relevant academic qualifications on marketing management. They know how to apply 4Ps of marketing efficiently and how to access various resources compatible with these types of marketing case study.

Features of Service provided by BookMyEssay

Proving 4Ps marketing assignment writing help is the only motto of BookMyEssay. Contacting the customer assistance desk and asking for necessary help are very easy affair here. Even after completion of the job, students get ample opportunities to ask for necessary changes wherever required. Writers and executives in this organization are the best people to seek help for 4Ps of marketing assignment.

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