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Definition of Marketing

Marketing can be defined as a process that involves introduction or launch of a product or service in the market. It also involves close assessment that goes into the creation and distribution of goods and services to meet the demand generated in the target market. The Marketin is recognized as an essential approach that should be included in any business plan to get going in the competitive market scenario. Every business organization has a dedicated department that handles the activities related to marketing of a product. Its major aim is to satisfy the customer’s queries regarding the quality of products.

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Some experts misunderstand Marketing as a process of selling products whereas it is an act that drives the selling which is integral to the marketing cycle. This domain includes in-depth research, market investigation, goods production, marketing strategy, reputation building and demand fulfilment. Marketing is assumed to be a business function that is essential for a business plan to last for longer time period. Also, marketing plans and strategies that are framed after due research must be implemented with proper ideas. So, the primary goals of a marketing research assignment are to identify the untapped markets and need for products registered by the customers to develop a reliable, user-friendly and satisfactory service / solution. Going by the above statements, it can be said that marketing begins much before the product is launched and continues after it is created to ensure that it continues to reap high-end sales by winning place in the designated market. BookMyEssay provides the most professional Marketing assignment help and writing service to students, who are in dire need of best assignment provider.

Discusses about Its Core Components Marketing Assignment Writing

As stated above, marketing is an important business activity which has far reaching scope and is present at almost all stages of product planning, launch and promotion. Listed below are some integral components that form the crux of this task. These include:

  • Product Research – Frankly stating, this is the most important and highly valued area of marketing domain. Research is essential and starts much before the product gets into the stage of manufacturing. So, it is done to map the need of customers, targeting areas of distribution gathering information about the activities by counterparts, product quality standards accepted in the market, product positioning in the market, customers’ feedback about similar existing products etc.
  • Advertising – Once the company decides on the product, next comes the stage wherein an advertising plan is created so as to identify channels through which the product will be promoted. The stage of advertising in marketing requires involvements and contribution of graphic designing skills teaming up with the planning acumen of a Marketing Manager along with account handler’s attribute to present ideas of product presentation in front of the customers.
  • Direct marketing – As the name indicates this kind of marketing is targeted after identifying the correct set of potential customers. Several means of executing such marketing method is via SMS, emails, pamphlet distribution, fliers posting etc.
  • Public relation – This is the branch of marketing that deals with developing and strengthening relationships with customers. In includes framing strategies to advertise and popularize brand’s name through various media platforms. Some popular means to dos so it by posting press release, holding corporate events, fairs and webinars.
  • Customer service – This is done to improve the brand image in the mind of customers. This stage involves dealing with client queries and offering them apt solutions for their needs. It is done in the form of personalized marketing wherein clients can receive information and suggestions form the customer support team about the best solution available for their needs. This is an effective way of gathering customer trust through effective solution selling.

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How Can Students Score High Marks in Marketing Homework

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