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Corporate Finance Assignment Help
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Corporate Finance Assignment Help

Corporate finance is a complete set of financial activities associated with the business organization. As the significant part of the corporate management, this area deals with how businesses should deal with capital funding, investment decisions and structuring of the capital. The organization utilize corporate finance for maximizing the value of the company for the shareholders. It specifically looks into different aspects of corporate management to determine the resourceful ways for efficient utilization and investment of finance available in the company. Thus, it is evident that corporate finance and management is a challenging responsibility for the managers. Naturally, the assignments given to the students on corporate finance are very challenging too. BookMyEssay provides very efficient corporate finance assignment help service for the students who find their assignments too tough to accomplish in time. Experts in this field also advises to take finance assignment writing experts help to avoid bad remarks or return of assignments from the examiners with notes for rectifications.

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Corporate Finance: An Overview

Corporate finance is that area of finance and accounting where the concerned managers deal with the sources of funding and capital structure of corporations to increase the value of the firm for their thousands of shareholders.

The increasing value of the company raises the value of stocks, managers need to balance capital funding for investments in various projects that will enhance the long-term profitability and sustainability of the company, and payment of excess cash in the form of dividends to shareholders. Managers of the companies that make high rates of return on invested capital will use maximum capital resources and surplus cash of the company on investments and projects to ensure continuous expansion with higher return on investment. On the other hand, when a company reaches a level where their return on investment lowers, the management will then use surplus cash to payout dividends to shareholders.

Managers must do an in-depth analysis to determine the right allocation of the company’s funds and cash surplus between projects, paying back creditors and payouts of dividends to shareholders.

Managers dealing with corporate finance also needs to take vital decisions on right choice of projects to maximize return on investment.

They also need to look at the following aspects –

  • Corporate finance and management finds the best ways to maximize value of the company by investing in projects that provides positive net present value.
  • These chosen projects must also be financed appropriately.

If it is found that no expansion is possible right now, and cash surplus not required then, some portion of the excess cash could be returned to the shareholders in form of dividends.

There are different ways on increasing valuation of the firm, like the following ones –

  • Balance sheet approach – A healthy balance sheet increases the value of the company for the shareholders.
  • Cash flow model – Cash in hand today has higher value than the same amount of cash in hand tomorrow. Thus cash flow model increases the value of cash and higher profit from today’s perspective. Cash flow in some future dates need to be accounted similarly.
  • Reducing cash cycle approach – The duration taken in accounting for the inventory and cash received after selling the product from the inventory complete a cycle. A company’s cash cycle is vital because, it determines the flow of cash and net profit to a large extent. Experts these days apply different mechanisms to increase value of the company for the shareholders by adjusting the cash cycle accordingly.

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