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Word Count Tool Free

Word Count Tool counts the number of characters and words in a selected text. It is a helpful tool that counts the number of characters, words, a character without spaces, paragraphs, sentences, average sentence length, and average word length. Online word count tool of BookMyEssay is designed for helping you check the number of words you have used in your assignment. Our word count calculator can help you manage the number the spaces and characters according to the number of words you have written. We can offer you instant assignment help. You do not have to worry about the reliability factor because we are original and authentic.

What is a Word Counter?

A Word counter tool is used for counting words and characters. It can help you improve your choice of words and writing style. You can detect Grammarly mistakes and plagiarism issues. If you want to check word count then place the cursor in your text box and begin typing. You can see the number of words or characters decrease or increase as you type, edit, and delete them.

The characters, word and page count of any text can be vital. For instance, if you have to write an article, report, story or others that have a minimum or maximum word count then this tool is useful. The tool shall help you ensure that your word count has reached a specific limit. The tools are very accurate.

How Does Character Count Tools Work?

Characters, Word and Page count is a word counter. It is important for a writing style. It offers different information regarding word count including the characters count, and the number of characters minus spaces. This tool is easy and simple to use. You have to follow a few steps for operating this character count tool. It is useful for article writing and professional content.

  1. You will have to copy the content and paste the content into the box.
  2. You have to select the word count option and the word count shall show the results.

The tool can say you regarding the total characters and total words present in the content. It is an efficient and quick method to count words.

The Benefits of a Word Count Tool Online

This free Word count tool that is used to check how many letters and words may be used in the content. It is a vital tool for social media. It helps to create easy reading. It shall take a few minutes for counting the words. This tool is used by a person for finding out the total number of words in their write-up. The benefits are highlighted below as follows:

  • You can use this page calculator easily.
  • It shall improve the textual quality
  • You can access the count of words on all devices including computer, mobile phone, and tablets.
  • It calculates the words and characters easily for long documents.
  • It can measure the length of your article.
  • It can show the number of keywords in your content
  • You do not need signup and registration

The online word counter has advanced features and tools, It has a keyword checker. It is very useful for content writers. This tool can count the characters and can show you the number of pages.

The Amazing Features of BookMyEssay

We are the best academic writing solution providers available on the internet that has helped many students to achieve their academic goals. We serve students with a lot of enthusiasm. While writing assignments students have to check the word count. We provide an excellent Word Counter tool that can quickly count the number of characters or words used.

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