Zara Case Study SWOT Analysis Writing Help

Zara Case Study SWOT Analysis Writing Help
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Zara Case Study SWOT Analysis Writing Help

Zara – Brand Profile

For fashion enthusiasts, Zara needs no introduction. It is a Spain-based retailing company that deals in clothing and accessories and is winged under Inditex Group. Specializing in clothing. Zara’s has recorded major business share in Inditex Group that reaches somewhere up to 80%. What makes this brand go popular among the fashion customers is the fact that its entire clothing line has uniqueness that gets evolved and customized as per changing needs of modern day customers. Ruling the apparel industry, Zara deals with 3 sub lines of clothing that fulfills the need of women, men and children. Boasting a worldwide presence with 1700+ stores and an online store, Zara has gained the valuation and importance of being an important name that is being introduced to students who have taken up courses in Marketing. Since the brand has set its foot firm in selling modern designs that never fail to impress its loyal customers, students are given Zara Case Study SWOT Analysis writing task to conduct a SWOT analysis of this brand.

Zara Case Study SWOT Analysis – Learning about the Core Components

SWOT expanded as Strengths, Weakness, Opportunities and Threats has come up as an important analysis that helps the marketing students to assess the brand valuation. Such case study assignment writing also prepares them to operate as important marketing decision maker in future when they pursue higher level of role in the domain of brand positioning and promotion.

Strengths of Zara

  • Exclusive Designs – Counting first in the list is that uniqueness and fresh designs rolled out by the brand designers that make it stand head and heels above its counterparts. The clothing line is stylish, with superior quality and has a fantastic finishing.
  • Strong physical presence – Customers still trust the stores that are present in physicality as it makes the purchase more reliable. Zara has a large number of retail chains which is still expanding.
  • High Brand Value – Over the period with its breath-taking designs, Zara has managed to earn an unmatched brand value from its loyal client base.
  • Excellent networking– This brand has managed to steer complete control over the supply chain thus bring stock at the right place at the right time to increase sales to demand ratio.
  • Higher profits – The brand has managed to keep its pricing affordable thereby generating more demand leading to added sales and elevating profit margins.

Weaknesses of Zara

  • Non-specific collection – However unique, Zara has not segregated its clothing line into sub categories of occasion and respective suitability.
  • Less focus on advertising – Even though it is an established brand, Zara must work towards promoting its line by reaching out there in the market. It has not utilized its potential to the fullest due to lack in this aspect.
  • Low inventory – As the per increasing demand, the brand often fails to bring to the table what customer actually needs at given point of time.

Opportunities for Zara

  • E-commerce Expansion – Zara has strong online presence but its still needs to collaborate with topmost shopping sites to increase its sales graph.
  • Presence of Flagship designs – Such designs improve the individual identity of a brand making it more specific and helping in developing brand value and identity.
  • Increasing market potential – This brand must work on capitalizing on expanding market along with tapping the potential of the existing markets.

Threats for Zara

  • Less focus on promotion – For customer to remain loyal to a brand, information regarding what’s new is important. Zara must advertise its rotating designs to keep its customers interested.
  • Competition – Zara need to closely monitor the brand position activities followed by its strong counterparts namely Vero Moda, Next, H&M and Mango who have the potential of eating up its major market share.
  • Reach to the Customers – It is vital that brand must focus on extending its reach to customers who lack immediate access to its clothing line. It should reach the places where its competition goes.

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