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Proofreading is a process of reviewing an article, book, or any other text for language errors before it finally goes to the press. It is a vital job, and helps to rectify any kind of apparent errors that undermine the quality of writing, like grammatical errors, typos, punctuations, spelling mistakes, and so on. This vital task sometimes given as an assignment, when students seek proofreading help from BookMyEssay. This highly popular assignment writing service is quite popular among the English literature students as a great and trustworthy Proofreading writing help. Qualified, and experienced proofreaders and English literature academicians associate with BookMyEssay helps the students to complete any kinds of proofreading task successfully.

How to proofread a paper or text?

Following are the major aspects that are to be accomplished while proofreading:

  • Looking for the grammatical errors is the first job. Writers normally commit silly mistakes or couldn’t recognize the difference while using tense, pronouns, prepositions, and verbs. Frequent mistakes are found in the application of in, on, of, and with; writers mistake while using has been, and is; and these go on, which is quite normal for any writer, because they possess a complete focus on the subject matter, rather than silly mistakes.
  • Mistakes in using contractions, and apostrophes are also quite common. Writers often write “their” against “they’re”, “its” against “it’s”, “your” against “you’re”, and the list is quite lengthy. A proofreader needs to understand the difference and rectify the mistake.
  • Mistakes in using homonyms are quite common also. Homonyms are words that have the same spelling or pronunciation, but their meaning are not the same, like complement and compliment, accept and except, effect and affect. Use of wrong word, but with the same pronunciation can be disastrous. A proofreader always need to be very careful while proofreading a text, because most writers mistake in using homonyms.
  • Checking the numbers used in a text is also important. By mistake, a writer may overrule that mistake, like the population of the USA 60 billion or 60 million? The proof reader needs to a bit informative in this matter. This types of silly mistakes may spoil the very essence of an article or research paper, and wrong message may be delivered to the readers.

Several other aspects may be visible while proofreading a paper. As a whole, the job of a proofreader is quite serious one, and the proofreader must have thorough knowledge on the language to amend the mistakes.

Many students opt a career in editing and proofreading after completing their undergraduate or postgraduate course. An examiner, thus, like to see how much professional knowledge they have grasped in this matter through proofreading tasks.

Problems students face while accomplishing the proofreading task

A proofreading task is not easy to accomplish. There are so many aspects that need special attention, like the following ones –

  • The content of the paper, because depending on the subject matter use of words, terminology, and paragraphing changes completely.
  • Students own knowledge of English, and English grammar sometimes create problem.
  • Students face the same problem like the writer while proofreading the paper. He may get confused and ignore many silly mistakes.
  • Time frame sometimes creates problems, because the students are engaged in a multiple of other regular schedules. Short deadline makes them tensed.
  • After proofreading, a student may need to write a short report on his or her job, and what types of mistakes he found in a completed paper.

Necessary Help with Proofreading Writing

A professional help with Proofreading writing service is required to overcome the above-mentioned hurdles. A proofreader knows how to proofread a text material, and what kinds of mistakes are commonly committed by the writers. He also knows what kinds of mistakes are committed by the writers in different fields, like literature, management, engineering, social science, etc.

So, hiring an expert proofreader from BookMyEssay is the best option because –

  • He will use his wide experience in proofreading to fix the issues quickly.
  • He will use the best computer tools to complete the job.
  • He will eliminate all sorts of mistakes, starting from simple spelling mistakes to punctuation, and typos to make the text absolutely flawless.
  • He will complete the job within the given deadline.

Professional efficiency of BookMyEssay

Following are the mention worthy aspects of BookMyEssay that has made them extremely successful in this section of assignment writing task:

  • Timeliness – BookMyEssay never misses a deadline. The writers here are always accurate in every aspect of proofreading, including the deadline.
  • Affordability – Students know that BookMyEssay is the best Proofreading help service provide in this matter. Their proofreading writing help service is very much affordable for all types of students. The payment mode is also quite flexible and secure.
  • Confidentiality – No data of any student are disclosed to a third party. Extreme levels of confidentiality are maintained in this matter.
  • Emergency service – On demand, emergency service is also provided whereby a student can complete an assignment within a few hours’ deadline.
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