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Writing Prompt Generator

To create writing prompt choose the category and click the button "GENERATE".

In this competitive world, students of different academic realms find it extremely difficult to find fresh ideas or topics to write on, especially in the arena of academic writing. Students have to come out with new ideas for their papers to attract the attention of the readers, score good grades in academics and also have to avoid plagiarism charges. This makes the students take the assistance of the writing prompt generator from renowned experts like BookMyEssay. Although many people consider free online tools, those tools will not match the standards of assignment providers.

What is a Writing Prompt Generator?

A writing prompt generator is an application that can generate a random writing prompt pivoting on the genre one chooses. Writing prompt generator are themes or story starters that help with the creativity procedure of writing by lending a certain topic to write on. It can be used as a tool of learning by the students or can be used by the writers who struggle to generate new ideas for their next story or novel. writing prompt generator helps all of them to start writing.

A writing prompt generator works as a grain to bloom the intuition and imaginativeness of the best assignment helpers, writers and students. It’s up to the writer whether he or she wishes to stick to the initial prompt or get deflected.

How does Writing Prompt Generator work?

The writing prompt generator is designed for the students who hunt for new ideas and novelists or writers who struggle to find new storylines. At first, the user has to select the genre. The writing prompt generator is abundant in story starters and ideas. After the genre is selected, the generator will randomly generate prompts or ideas.

If the user is a story writer or a novelist, the following steps will surely help him or her.

  1. Select fiction or non-fiction. Non-fiction is best for those who aim to write non-fiction, real-life based stories. The fiction category is best for those who want to a story or novel.
  2. After selecting between fiction and non-fiction, the user has to choose among the genres for both. Once the writing type is selected, a number of genres will be presented to choose from.
  3. Once the user is done with choosing the genre he or she can click on the ‘generate’ button to start his or her venture with writing.
  4. If the user is not satisfied with the prompts, he or she can press ‘generate’ again to refresh his or her prompt.

What are the key reasons for using Writing Prompt Generator?

There are numerous reasons for using writing prompt generator. They are –

  • Writing prompt generator gives guided writing practice to develop one’s writing skills. As the prompt is random, one can freely practice developing new writing skills.
  • At times, generating new ideas for writing is a battle of its own. Writing practice generator overflows with numerous ideas for writing.
  • One can break the monotony any try the writing skills in genres he or she has not tried before. There is absolutely no fear of failure and one can go from one genre to another of his or her choice.

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