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Chemistry Assignment Help
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Chemistry Assignment Help

Lots of students contact BookMyEssay for getting chemistry assignment help. These assignments look easy, but students know how difficult these are to write properly by adhering to the guidelines. The toughest thing about chemistry assignments is that these are very monotonous and detailed. Students find it hard to keep focus on the subject matter from beginning to end, that is why most of the assignments written by students don’t satisfy the examiners. The net outcome is poor grades and poor remarks from the examiners.

All the branches of chemistry has many sub-branches. Assignments may come from any of these branches or their sub-branches. Examiners often combine one or more such branches in assignments; thus, students need to be highly knowledgeable on all the branches of chemistry which are the parts of their courses.

Various Branches of Chemistry

  • Organic Chemistry – This branch of chemistry deals with the structure, preparation, properties and applications of organic compounds, i.e. the compounds that are primarily made of carbon and hydrogen.
  • Inorganic Chemistry – This branch of chemistry deals with all kinds of inorganic compounds. This covers all compounds except organic compounds.
  • Physical Chemistry – This branch of chemistry deals with the effect of chemical structure on the physical properties of a substance. A physical chemist typically studies the rate of a chemical reaction, the interaction of molecules with radiation, and the calculation of structures and properties of the chemical products.
  • Analytical Chemistry – It is the branch of chemistry that deals with the qualitative and quantitative analysis of chemical compounds.

Some Features of Chemistry as a Subject

Each element has certain properties. When a chemical reaction takes place between two elements, a new matter is produced that is called compound. The reaction between any two elements takes place very systematically. In the similar fashion two chemical compounds can also react to form one or more elements and compounds. Students of chemistry are quite aware about these reactions and the natural rule of these reactions. Students are taught different chemical theories and the process of their formations. At the higher levels, they also need to look and understand the molecular and atomic structures of compounds and elements respectively. Apart from these, understanding positive and negative ions, different laws like Boyle’s law and Charles’s law etc. and clear idea on Mendeleev’s table are required.

Chemical structure and bonds are very vital in organic chemistry. Students are assigned some classes only for organic chemistry. Topics look tougher at higher level of courses.

Some very important topics of chemistry are as follows –

  • Characteristics of the State of Chemical Equilibrium
  • Law of Mass Action
  • Law of Chemical Equilibrium
  • Le Chatelier’s Principle
  • Limitations of equation of chemical equilibrium
  • Rate of Chemical Reaction
  • Types of Equilibrium Constants
  • Understanding Concept of Chemical Equilibrium
  • Bond Polarization – Electrometric Effect, Hyperconjugation
  • Bond Polarization – Resonance Effect, Canonical Structures
  • Characteristics of Covalent Bond
  • Overview of Chemical Bonding
  • Role of Chemical Bonds in Giving Shape to the Molecules
  • Types of Chemical Bonds
  • Finding the Velocity of a Gas
  • Kinetic gas equation Example Problem
  • Kinetic Theory of Gases

Besides, several other topics are equally important in chemistry and assignments are given on all these topics.

Various Common Aspects of Assignments on Chemistry

Assignments on chemistry are no easy to complete. Students who are pursuing various courses with chemistry as one of the major subjects know the toughness of above topics. Some common aspects chemistry assignments are as follows –

  • Students require to show their proficiency in preparing equations of various chemical reactions.
  • Students are expected to put right formulae and symbols against the elements, ions and compounds.
  • Students are also expected to have in-depth knowledge on various commercial applications of chemical compounds, ores, and minerals.

Thus, completing chemistry assignment writing task on their own is indeed a tough job for the students. They require lots of research works, accumulate various resources and above all good amount of time. After attending regular classes, and labs, very little time is normally left for assignments. So, in every aspect, students feel their lacking. In this circumstances, in order to maintain high grades, they solely reside on the professional assignment writing service of BookMyEssay.

Support extended by BookmyEssay

This highly professional assignment writing service provides all sorts of solutions for chemistry homework and assignment help –

  • Best writers are engaged to write these chemistry assignments. These writers are highly qualified people who have years of experience in writing assignments and projects on chemistry.
  • Assignments are completed well within the deadlines mentioned by the students.
  • Students can ask for any sort of amendments and changes in the assignments later.
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Thus any kind of assignments and homework on chemistry subject is readily completed by the most proficient writers associated with BookMyEssay. Once, the task is handed over to a top writer, students can stay confident.

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