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Case Converter Tool

How our case converter works:

  1. Place your text (it can be one sentence, a separate paragraph, or entire text) in the screen of the case converter online.
  2. Select the required function, press the button and start.
  3. Enjoy the results immediately. You will see your content and will copy it.
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A very handy online tool, the Case converter tool can prove to be beneficial for all writers looking to change between lower and upper case, capitalize, uncapitalize, or convert and mix the text format to meet the requirements of the writing. BookMyEssay with its team of experienced professionals will be able to make the best use of such a tool while providing the required academic assignment help to students. Clients availing all writing services of BookMyEssay tend to benefit from the use of this tool at absolutely no additional charge. This helps them to follow the guidelines and the format prescribed by their College or university with utmost precision.

How Does a Case Converter Tool Work?

Irrespective of whether you are a student or a professional online assignment writer, the case converter tool can make you task much easier by converting the format of your text to the desired case in the blink of an eye. There are times when you might have written a large piece of content in an incorrect format, such as by keeping the Caps Lock on. In such circumstances, using this tool can be a wise decision. You only need to copy and paste the text in the working space of the tool and provide the change you desire to make. The case converter tool will automatically make the corrections within a few seconds.

Functions of Changing Case with a Case Converter Tool

As soon as you paste your content on the empty box provided within the text case converter tool you will get to know the different functionalities that the tool is capable of delivering. The different functions include –

  • Upper Case: This functionality will allow the user to display the targeted content in capital letters only. Such as “My Name” will be converted to “MY NAME”.
  • Lower Case: This will enable all the input characters to be converted into lowercase letters. Such as “What is your name?” will be converted to “what is your name?”
  • Capital Case: This function will convert the first letter of all the words into capital, including any preposition, article, or conjunction. Such as “Where is my key?” will be changed to “Where Is My Key?”
  • Sentence Case: This will capitalize the first letter of the word at the beginning of every sentence. Such as “what is the matter?” will be converted to “What is the matter?”
  • Title Case: This option changes the first letter of every word into capital, excluding any article, conjunction, or preposition. Such as “this is my house” can be changed to “This is my House.”

Benefits of Using a Case Converter Web Tool

There is no rocket science or high level skill required by the user to benefit from the free case converter web online tool to convert a text You just need to copy and paste the text in the given empty box of the tool and it will fetch you the proper result. When you buy assignment help or any other kind of academic assistance from BookMyEssay you get this case converter tool as a complimentary service from us. The use of this tool will minimize the possibility of an incorrect format and help to generate quality content with proper formatting and casing.

Some of the benefits of using this tool include –

  • Dismiss the possibility of any improper capitalization with normal text.
  • Convert the targeted text into upper case, lower case, title case, or several other formats.
  • Restore any previous formatting that might have been mistakenly changed.
  • Convert the document into plain text by erasing any undesired formatting.

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