Amway Case Study SWOT Analysis Writing Help

Amway Case Study SWOT Analysis Writing Help
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Amway Case Study SWOT Analysis Writing Help

Amway is marketing worldwide. Their products are considered a little bit expensive but very high quality and highly effective. Amway is considered as the pioneer in multi-level marketing (MLM). It’s a special type of marketing process where the sales process passes through production to ultimate customers in the direct marketing channel that means the product of Amway is not available in the general retail stores like the other similar products. While working on the Amway Case Study SWOT analysis, the students get confused regarding the MLM structure of the company as also the sales channel. We are providing perfect solution in this regard through our Amway Case Study Analysis writing help.

Why do you Require Amway Case Study SWOT Analysis Help?

Very little information is available on Amway. You will not get any data from your college or university library on Amway, you have to depend on the official website of the company and a mainly on different sources online. You need to know how these sources can be used and whether they are relevant to your current assignment on Amway. Next, you have to be proficient in SWOT analysis. Lots of students lose their focus on the assignment on these types of assignments due to these two reasons. There are other technical issues too which can’t be ignored either.

Our experts on Amway Case Study SWOT analysis have the experience and credibility to assist you writing these assignments efficiently. So, if your goal is to submit a perfectly written paper and achieve high grades then BookMyEssay is the most trustworthy source to get that assistance.

SWOT Analysis on Amway

Let’s have a look at a general SWOT analysis of the market competitiveness if Amway which will enable you to understand how to conduct the SWOT analysis on this company.

SWOT stands for Strength, Weakness, Opportunity, and Threat. Analyzing these 4 factors in a market, experts try to assess the competitiveness of a brand in a market. Sometimes, SWOT analysis is also required to penetrate in an existing market when it is seen that in spite of all effort the brand is not doing well in the market. In a new market SWOT analysis is mandatory. SWOT analysis is the most popular market analysis model available to the sales and marketing people.

Strength of Amway:

  • Amway has more than 5 million sales distributors worldwide operating in 80 different countries.
  • Amway has all sorts of FMCG products that every household uses daily. Their products can be broadly categorized into five heads, viz. personal care, home care, cosmetics, health and nutrition, gift items.
  • The company is a purely American company which has a good worldwide response.
  • The company has been bestowed with several prestigious awards.
  • They have several production units in different parts of the country, hence, the supply chain process is quick and quality oriented.

Weakness of Amway:

  • The products are not available in the general retail counter, as a result, if a customer requires a product he needs to look for a “distributor”. If that dealer is not available, the customer may lose interest.
  • They don’t promote through normal advertising; hence, general awareness regarding their products are quite low in comparison to other popular brands in the market.
  • Their products are relatively expensive.

Opportunity of Amway:

  • It has a strong base in all the 80 countries including the highly growing economies like India, China, and South Africa.
  • The products are already recognized as quality products, in fact, Amway brand is recognized as a quality brand which always serves the best to the customers.
  • Newly opened ecommerce has created more opportunity for the company.

Weakness of Amway:

  • Many other companies are offering similar categories of products in the similar market.
  • Being a bit expensive, customers may switch the brand at any moment.
  • Distributors” may stop working any moment as they don’t have any formal agreement with the company.

The above SWOT analysis on Amway is a generic one. You may be given other types of topics on Amway on a specific market. So, you need to be prepared with relevant data and information on the company to keep with the expectation of the professor or examiner.

Amway Case Study SWOT Analysis Writing Help

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