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Mechanical Engineering Assignment Help Online

BookMyEssay provides top class mechanical engineering assignment help to the students struggling hard to write their assignments successfully. BookMyEssay has appointed academically qualified and highly experienced mechanical engineering experts who are capable to handle any kinds of assignments on mechanical engineering successfully.

What is Mechanical Engineering?

Mechanical engineering is an accumulation of different subjects which are needed to design and manufacture everything around us. So, right from small individual parts and devices, like micro-scale sensors and inkjet printer nozzles to large machineries like spacecraft and manufacturing machine tools are designed with the help of knowledge on mechanical engineering.

The role and responsibility of a mechanical engineer doesn’t end with just designing or manufacturing the product, but it is extended till the product reaches a customer and that customer understands its work ability. In order to accomplish this, a broad range of skills are needed. Throughout the course curriculum, a student in mechanical engineering acquires all the basic and extended skills and knowledge related to this field. He needs to realize the fundamental forces and the thermal environment that a product as whole and all its major and minor parts will encounter when a user will use the product practically. Hence, understanding the functionality of the product and its internal parts is essential.

At the same time, physical representation of the product is also important so that the customers can get attracted to it. A mechanical engineer knows the best way to manufacture a product and he is also expert in setting up the machineries that will enable him or his team to manufacture the products on which they have been working. He ensures smooth operation of the system for optimum output. Mechanical engineers are highly capable to analyze and design the objects and systems with motion.

Different Branches of Mechanical Engineering:

Here are some important branches of mechanical engineering –

1. Fluid Mechanics – It deals with the study of forces and flow within the fluids. It includes liquids, gases and plasma. Fluid mechanics has a vast array of applications in mechanical engineering. The expert assignment writers provide all sorts of help in solving any kinds of assignments on fluid mechanics.

2. Power plant Engineering – Every mechanical or electrical process requires power and energy to run. This power is generated in power plants. There are three modes of power generation processes, viz. thermal, nuclear, hydro, etc. This branch of mechanical engineering mainly employs the principles of thermodynamics and uses the equipment like alternators, boilers, etc. that are required for power generation. Expert writers of BookMyEssay provide expert guidance in working on the various assignments related to power plant engineering.

3. Marine Engineering – As the name suggests, this branch of mechanical engineering relates to the operation and maintenance of different equipment that are required or utilized in the ships and submarines. Such machineries range from main propulsion plant, auxiliary generators, boilers, purifiers, pumps and so forth. Expert writers highly experienced in this field offer solution for any kinds of marine engineering assignments.

4. Automotive Engineering – This specialized subdivision of mechanical engineering deals with vehicles that ply on road and rail network rather than on sea or air. Again, it could involve numerous sub-parameters which in turn require expert knowledge of their own such as safety engineer, design engineer and so on, who take care of different aspects of automotive engineering during its design, manufacturing or maintenance. This is the most popular branch of mechanical engineering. Expert writers appointed by BookMyEssay for helping the students studying in this field, provide top class guidance to the students.

5. Computer Aided Engineering (CAE) – CAE is normally used along with CAD (Computer Aided Design) and CAM (Computer Aided Manufacturing). It mainly denotes to the use of computers and appropriate software for carrying out design, examination, simulation of different machines and events. It is used in various disciplines such as automobile design, naval and space craft architecture etc. Assignments in this stream always seem complicated, but expert writers make the job easier and faster for the students.

Common Types of Assignments:

Examiners give Mechanical engineering assignment writing task on different matters. Some of the most common topics on which assignments are often given are as follows –

  • Assignments that require application of complex mathematical formulae like differential calculus, differential equation, mensuration, etc.
  • Assignments on the various topics of thermodynamics, utility and conversion of heat energy, HVAC, etc.
  • Assignments on computer aided mechanical design, problems related to spacecraft design and functioning, etc.
  • Assignments of different aspects of solid mechanics.
  • Assignments on the applications of different models and formulas of statics and dynamics in mechanical engineering.
  • Assignments on fuel, optimum working of fuel, designing more advanced automobile machineries for fuel management, etc.

BookMyEssay Provides Unique Service to Students:

  • Students help-desk remain open 24/7 all through the year.
  • On demand emergency mechanical engineering assignment help and online writing service is also available.
  • Free of cost review and rectification facility is provided to the existing registered students.
  • The service is very much affordable for any intention student.
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