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Paleontology Assignment Help
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Paleontology Assignment Help

Paleontology is the branch of science that mainly deals with the fossils of animals. There are many students all around the world, who are extremely interested in studying fossils and analyzing various aspects of the earth by analyzing the fossils. It’s a completely applied science and experts are called paleontologists. Students who study paleontology often contact BookMyEssay for getting expert support for writing assignments on paleontology. BME is one of the most popular assignment writing service providers who have employed experienced paleontology assignment writers to the students.

Function of a Paleontologist
Paleontologists normally perform two things –

  • Some of them opt teaching profession and teach the students about fossils.
  • Some of them do basic or applied research on fossils.

Most of the research on fossils comprises of the study of how the life had formed and evolved on the earth and how the evolution of life has taken place with the passage of time.

 A paleontologist also invents various newer applications of other basic sciences like biology, chemistry and physics, etc. to study the fossils.

  • They use several types of chemical studies to analyze the chemical properties of the fossils to understand the environmental effects on those fossils and also environmental conditions of the earth at different points of time.
  • They also conduct different isotopic analysis to trace elements that were created due to different chemical reactions at different points of time. This radioactive isotopic analysis helps to reveal the earth’s temperatures, climate, and environment in prehistoric times.
  • Paleontologists also conduct several mathematical studies of fossil populations get insight into the earliest groups, characters of those creatures and the reasons behind their extinctions.
  • A paleontologist also researches on the characteristics of these fossils at different points of time to comprehend and get information on ancient geography and how changes on the geographical nature of the earth has taken place over time.

Different Branches of Paleontology

Traditionally paleontology has several branches. Some of those are as follows –

  • Micropaleontology: It is the study of microscopic fossils, irrespective of the group to which they normally belong.
  • Paleobotany: It is the study of fossil plants, which traditionally includes the study of the fossils of algae and fungi, along with the study of the plants on the land.
  • Palynology: It refers to the study of pollen and spores in both living and fossil forms, which is produced by the land plants and protists.
  • Invertebrate Paleontology: It is the study of invertebrate animal fossils, like mollusks, echinoderms, and others.
  • Vertebrate Paleontology: It is the study of vertebrate fossils, which include the primitive fishes to mammals.
  • Paleoanthropology: It is the study of primeval human fossils. It also includes that study of evolution hominoids and hominoid taxonomies.
  • Taphonomy: It refers to the study of the entire processes of formation, decay, and preservation of fossils in general.
  • Ichnology: This stream of paleontology deals with the study of fossil foot prints and trails of animals.
  • Paleoecology: It is the study on the climate and climatic changes in the past. The experts in this field use different methods including fossils to analyze the changes.

So, there are plenty of sub-fields in the paleontology where a student can professionalize himself in future. At the same time, assignments can be given from any of these sub-fields of paleontology. Thus the students need to have a strong grasp on all these sub-fields and the main subject to complete their respective assignments successfully. It is obvious that getting expert knowledge on these fields of paleontology is not an easy job and too few students could show their proficiency in so many topics altogether. In such circumstance, it is always feasible to take help from an expert writer to complete an assignment on paleontology successfully.

Help with Paleontology Assignment Writing

Paleontology assignment help provided by BookMyEssay saves time and keeps the students free from tension. Assignments on this subject is not easy to write. It is an applied science and includes many other subjects like chemistry, physics, mathematics and biology, etc. Again, most of the topics on this subject vastly depends on field works and data obtained from those works. Students also need to work with past data on the same topic as obtained through previous researches. In such circumstances, writing assignments on paleontology is really hard and time consuming.

The assignment writing help provided by the most experienced writers appointed by BookMyEssay is the ultimate solution in this regard. These writers provide 100% plagiarism free assignments that sure to impress the examiners. Moreover, these professional writers ensure timely delivery of assignments so that marks are not deducted due to delayed submission.

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