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The research proposal is the most important piece of writing before going to the actual research work and research, or dissertation writing. The concerned authority would like to see if the student, or researcher has selected the write topic for his research work, and whether he is capable enough to undertake the research. So, research proposal that a student is asked to submit with an application to the authority needs to be highly professional in style. It is to be precise, flawless, and to-the- point. BookMyEssayhas an expert team of research proposal Ph.D. writers, who are always ready to provide Research proposal help online to students or researchers in this matter.

What is a Research Proposal?

A research proposal is a concise and coherent summary of a proposed research a student is intending to undertake. It explains the subject matter or thesis on which the researcher wants to work. It also narrates in brief the following matters:

  • The general area of study in which the research work will fall
  • The current status of the topic, i.e. whether any recent debates has been going on the topic
  • It also reveals the uniqueness of the proposed research that would be carried by the student

Hence, it can be said that the research proposal is the most vital document that a student submits along with the application. It gives the student an opportunity to establish that he has the skill and knowledge on the research subject and he can accomplish the work without any problem.

Apart from the above mentioned three aspects in a research paper, the authority also wants to see the student’s ability to communicate in English, his ability to express complex ideas clearly, and why is he showing interest in working on the topic in that university?  All these aspects are important to understand whether the interest, subject matter, and efficiency of the student will match with the university’s criteria.

Seven Vital Aspects in a Research Proposal

An ideal research proposal invariably contains the following seven aspects:

  1. Title – It tells everything about the proposal. On many occasions, a student’s proposal is accepted only due to the lively title. If the number of applications is too many, a student’s research proposal is judged through the title.
  2. Abstract – It is a 100-150 words concise form of what the proposal is all about. It is obvious that an abstract need to be written professionally, because it will prompt the reader to continue reading further. It may be a clear depiction of what the research matter all about.
  3. Research context – Here, the student should explain the contextual background against which the student will conduct the research. It should contain a brief overview of the overall area of study within which the proposed research comes, briefing clearly the existing state of knowledge and the most recent works or debates on the topic. This will help the student to establish his acquaintance with the concerned field, as well as his ability to communicate the subject matter clearly.
  4. Research Question – The research proposal should contain the principal question that the research paper is going to discuss in detail. It is the single most important matter that will determine the success of the application.
  5. Research method – The proposal will also narrate the methodology the research paper is going to adapt to discuss on the thesis. It will also contain key resources the student is going to use to work on the thesis.
  6. Importance of the research – The research proposal will also show the relevance of the research in the current context. The authority would like to see the importance of the research in the broader context of the field or the society at large.
  7. Bibliography – The research proposal should also contain a small bibliography identifying the most appropriate works related to the research topic.

So, it is evident that writing a research proposal is not an easy job. The researcher or student needs to have a clear idea of the writing style of the proposal. So, it is always feasible to take professional research proposal writing help from UK experts of BookMyEssay for writing down the research proposal efficiently. Get research proposal help within a deadline. This expert assignment writing service, provide impressive research proposal writing help at very affordable rates.

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