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Cash Flow Assignment Help
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Cash Flow Assignment Help

You cannot imagine business without cash and any reporting on cash should be done in an appropriate format. The investors view the cash flow statement as profit or loss account. The profit and loss account gives a picture of the company revenues and expenses during a period, while the cash flow statement gives a notion about how the cash came into the company and how much cash went out of it. The difference between the profit and loss account and the cash flow account is that the later does not include non-cash revenues or expenses and this is not the same with the profit and loss account. The profit and loss account consists of non-cash revenues or expenses. Students can get online Cash flow assignment help from us at anytime.

Cash Flow Assignment

The cash flow statement reflects the inflows or outflows of cash and its equivalents. Such inflow of cash is a result from investing, operating and financing activities during a particular time period. Cash flow statements express a business’s plans or results in terms of cash that is flowing in or out of the business. It does not adjust for accrued revenues or expenses. You may not understand whether a business is profitable or not by seeing the cash flow statement. However, you can get an idea of the cash position of a business at a given point in time by measuring the revenue against the outlays.

Cash Flow Statement Presentation

When a company generates cash through different legitimate means then the cash flow statement needs to reflect them in three sections:-

  1. Operating Activities
  2. Investing Activities
  3. Financing Activities

The cash flows from this section are derived from the principal revenue-generating activities of a business. The cash flows result from transactions, other things that determine the net profit or loss for the business.

The cash flow from investing activities highlights the expenditures that have been made for the resources intended to create future income or cash flows.

Cash flows from the financing activities make predictions of future cash flows by the fund-providers to the enterprise.

Preparation of Cash Flow Statement

  1. i) Direct Method
  2. ii) Indirect Method

As far as preparing cash flow statement is concerned there are two methods and they are the direct and the indirect methods. These details are incorporated in cash flow assignment writing help. We at BookMyEssay offer cash flow assignment help or other academic assignment writing help to prospective customers. If you are a student or a professional and you need access to such assignment writing help then get in touch with us, describe us your project and we will try to give a solution to your assignment.

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