Help for Chicago Referencing Style

Help for Chicago Referencing Style
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Help for Chicago Referencing Style

Have you ever faced any problem in writing Chicago referencing style? Have your professors ever complained that the class is not good in referencing or writing a bibliography in Chicago referencing? This is a common problem. As a college or university student, you will learn a lot about different referencing styles including Chicago referencing. Lots of students contact us from different parts of the world seeking custom writing help for Chicago referencing style. In the matter of accuracy in citation and bibliography in this style, our writers have a strong proficiency. So, whenever you face any problem in applying this referencing style contact us for immediate help.

Chicago Referencing Style: A Quick View

In simple terms, referencing is meant to acknowledge any other authors’ work you have used to write your own assignment, dissertation, or any other types of articles or books. In the present context, you need referencing to acknowledge the works of other intellectuals or any relevant sources you have used to work on your assignment topics. At the same time, you have to keep in mind the different aspects of plagiarism and writing ethics you have to use while using the works of other authors. It is an intricate responsibility but you have to maintain the style and ethics of writing.

Chicago Referencing Style is frequently used in social science, natural science, and humanities. There are several aspects of it which you have to know in detail. Always remember that the differences among the most common referencing styles like APA, Harvard, MLA, and Chicago are very fine, so a little bit of mistake can spoil your whole effort.

  • Referencing within the text: This is known as in-text referencing in academia. When you present a statement, quotes, and ideas from another author, you have to acknowledge the sources you have used. Even if you have borrowed anyone’s opinions in your research, you have to give due credit to them. In each in-text citation, you have to write serial numbers according to which you have to prepare the bibliography. You have to put such numbers after completing a quote or statement, e.g. Drucker said, “Human resource should be given the greatest priority…… 1 .” If the source is directly used and the number of words is fewer than 100 or 8 lines, you have to double quotation mark. Otherwise, you have not use any quotation marks but need place the entire statement in the indented box with a serial number.
  • Footnotes: Footnotes are given chronologically in the same page. As the detail of the citation is given in the bibliography, you can use the footnotes for mentioning the source of the citation in brief. Here you have to mention the author’s name, book or paper’s title, and page number if available. You can use “ibid” if the same source is used just in the previous footnote.
  • Bibliography: It is the list of all sources you have used in the assignment throughout. It can also include some other sources which you have not used directly in writing but the concepts are borrowed for writing the assignment. In the bibliography, the sources come alphabetically according to the first surname. If there is more than one author, the name and surname of the first author are to be flipped while the names of the other authors will come in normal format. If the title of the book is used, better to italicize it but not mandatory; however, the title of a chapter or article need not be italicized.
  • Electronic items referencing: This referencing is almost same as above, but you have to use DOI (Digital Object Identifier) at the end. If the DOI is not available, you have to mention the URL.

There are plenty of other rules you need to know in detail to make an impeccable referencing throughout the assignment. Always remember, the professor or the examiner will not entertain even a slight mistake. A professional support may solve the issue immediately if it seems tough to follow.

Professional Help from BookMyEssay

Our writers are proficient in providing assignment help for Chicago referencing style. We assure you a complete professional guidance in this matter. Professor or examiner will examine your knowledge in referencing in detail. This part of an assignment carries some marks, if you fail to write in the correct Chicago referencing style, you will lose some vital marks. Our help for Chicago Referencing style will help to make your assignment really flawless in every aspect. You can either ask for a complete assignment help when an expert will take care of everything including the referencing style or if you have completed the writing but not sure about the quality of referencing take help for the same.

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