Help for MLA Referencing Style

Help for MLA Referencing Style
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Help for MLA Referencing Style

MLA or Modern writing association style of writing is frequently used in humanities, social sciences, and liberal arts. If you have any problem in MLA referencing style, we are here to help you. Our writers are experts in adapting accurate MLA style of referencing for any kinds of assignment writing help. Never get confused with this style. Our help for MLA referencing style can solve all your problems.

Most Popular form of Referencing

MLA referencing style is the most popular form of referencing. So, you cannot make any mistake in this matter. You have to know the rules in detail to write both in-text and bibliographic referencing in MLA style. If you are studying economics, sociology, psychology, anthropology, law, or any other social science subjects, you have to know how to use MLA referencing style; otherwise, you can take advice from our best Australian writers in this matter.

An overview of MLA Referencing Style

In this citation process, the information will come in the following order: Author, Source title, container title, other contributors, version, number, publisher, publication date, location. The punctuation mark appears in the following manner:

  • After the name of the author use full stop
  • After the title of the source use full stop
  • After the source title put all information with commas
  • At the end or after the location use a full stop

Let’s have some discussion on each of these data:

  • Author’s name: Here, you have to write author’s last name followed by the remaining name ending with a full stop, like Peter Drucker can be written as Drucker, P., or Drucker, Peter. If more than one author is there then write Moss, A., Missa, P. & Ronald, R.
  • Source title: This should follow the name of the authors. Normally the source title is italicized; however, in certain cases like a periodical or journal should be put in a quotation.
  • Container title: This is the name of the book or magazine or the assignment help site in Australia from which you have adapted the source title. The title of the container is normally italicized. If the container title is not fully known, it shouldn’t be given.
  • Other contributors: It is relevant only when their names are precisely given in the source. These people are translators, editors, illustrators, etc.
  • Version: If your source is a book, it may have several versions. You have to mention the version accordingly.
  • Volume: If the source is a part of a numbered series of books, magazines, journals, periodicals, etc., you have to mention the precise version, like “Vol 2”, “Vol 2, no.2”, etc.
  • Publisher: This is one of the most important parts of Publisher’s name should come in the order as mentioned before. It should be followed by the name of the city where the publication is made. Normally, this information is available in the source.
  • Publication date: As you know the source you are using for referencing has a precise date of publication, you need to mention the publication date right after the name of the city.
  • Location and date of access: Here, location means the page numbers. If you are not sure about the location then don’t mention any arbitrary page numbers. If the source is a website, mention the URL followed by the date of access. If it’s an online source and the page numbers are also available, then mention both followed by the date of access, e.g.

Bhattacharya, A., 2015, “How start-ups are delivering success”, Financial Times, Vol2, pp5-10,, accessed on 25th June 2017.

There are several other aspects include in writing a proper bibliography. You have to know them all in minute detail. Now, another part of MLA referencing is the in-text citation. Here, you have to mention the source in brief like just the last name of the author, date of publication, and page numbers. If the author’s name is not available name the title, institution, periodical name as the case may be but that source should come in the bibliography too.

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