Herzberg Motivation Theory Assignment Help

Herzberg Motivation Theory Assignment Help
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Herzberg Motivation Theory Assignment Help

IntroductionHerzberg Motivation Theory

Herzberg’s two-factor theory of motivation got launched introduced in the year 1959. This theory gained extensive popularity and fame and worked towards explaining and studying numerous factors that upscaled the working environment catering to all the factors that promote and alleviate employee satisfaction with their work and job profiles. This theory is called as two-factor because it features inclusion of 2 factors that are hygiene and motivators. By hygiene, it is referred to aspects which if are not present in the system can lead to dissatisfaction among workers, but if present cannon full contribute to satisfaction of workers with their work culture. Students can get online Herzberg Motivation Theory assignment help from professionals of BookMyEssay

On the contrary, motivators recognised as crucial factors that defines the nature of a job which is solely assessed to be the cause of satisfaction among employee. This model has over the past few years gave tremendous contribution in assessing motivation factors and how they impact the work lives of employee operating in an organization. For students, pursuing a course in HR, this subject is of utmost importance. It familiarizes them with necessity and need to understand the significance and rationality of this model along with its fitness to work in today’s dynamic corporate environment. This model however is gaining importance among contemporary firms that are more inclined towards introducing as well as following the concepts of knowledge management, employee empowerment, and organizational learning.

Significance of Herzberg Motivation Theory

Herzberg’s Motivation theory holds prime importance as it majorly contributes towards underlining and adapting basic factors that work towards enhancing motivation among employees who are fixed at a workplace. This way they feel connected and work towards attaining organization and its goals with utmost zeal and participation. However, this is remarked as an age-old theory, it still finds extreme relevance and suitability in modern framework.

Students studying this model along with other motivational theories also get to know about the blended approach followed by managers. This further tends to showcase a role that is assigned to every individual working at the workplace inviting their involvement resulting in improved work efficiency. The theory focusses on introducing practices that create inductive environment in a company so that employees follow good work practices which is mutually beneficial for both the parties i.e. employees and the organization.

Solutions Suggested in Herzberg Motivation Theory to Lessen Job Dissatisfaction

Students researching on about Herzberg Motivation Theory also get to know about some of the suggestions and measures that work towards reducing the extent of dissatisfaction among employees. These are summarised below:

  • Preparing and executing company’s rules and policies wisely, keeping in mind employee’s best interest and growth prospects in future
  • The policies must empower the HR departments to stay helpful, sympathetic and effective at offering guidance to the employees
  • Employees must be given respect and treated with dignity
  • They must be assured about job security in order to reap their unfailing participation at the workplace
  • As a basic need and expectation, employee must be rewarded with competitive wages and salaries to keep them glued to their jobs for a longer period of time
  • A company must wo towards generating opportunities for employee growth which also results in business expansion
  • Timely arrangement of rewards and recognition and promotions also act as boosters
  • Responsibilities must be assigned as per capabilities
  • Employees must be entitled to receive proper training and development to upscale their performance in their respective job roles

All the aforementioned variables are discussed in detail by Herzberg and have by far helped the managers in assessing the motivational factors to attain maximum employee content.

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