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Motivation Strategies Assignment Help
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Motivation Strategies Assignment Help

In any form of business, motivation helps to put a plan or idea into action. There are several Motivation strategies in use that helps an organization to stay alive in any form of market competition. Students of Marketing Management, Business Management, and Human Resource Management are often given assignments on Motivation strategies, which sometimes confuse the students. They get confused because they couldn’t understand how to approach these types of assignments professionally, and accomplish the task within the deadlines.

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An Overview of Motivation Strategies:

As per the experts, a high level of employee motivation is obtained from professional management practices. To develop a highly dedicated and motivated human resource, the management must have a fixed and tested Motivation strategy, whereby a manager must treat his subordinates as individuals with their respective work values, they need to empower workers, provide an operative and efficient reward system, redesign jobs, and create a cordial working environment.

Employees feel empowered when they are given maximum possible autonomy, authority, and encouraged to complete a task on their own. Empowerment is designed to unshackle the worker and to make a job the worker’s responsibility.

Two most common forms of Motivation strategies are reward system and empowerment.

1. Reward system – Managers often design various attractive reward systems to keep their employees highly motivated. Reward is given to an employee when an expected or positive outcome is achieved. Rewards boost an employee to perform at his or her optimum level and it also makes an employee highly creative. Employees are given rewards in two different ways –

  • Intrinsic Rewards – These rewards are self‐administered, i.e. an employee feels motivated after achieving his or her target. That person feels strong and motivated, because he or she has a feeling of competency, individualgrowth, and self‐control over the work he or she accomplishes daily. Intrinsic reward doesn’t depend on the other persons, because the feeling comes from within.
  • Extrinsic rewards– These rewards are externally managed. They are valued results given to an employee by the manager or management. Common extrinsic rewards are bonuses, promotions, tour leaves, special assignments, office fixtures, awards, praise, and so on. In all cases, it’s a recognition for the employee from the management.

2. Empowerment – Experts opine that employee empowerment is the best way to motivate them for attaining higher targets. Professional managers know that each employee are aware about his or her daily job better than anybody else in the organization. In some situations, empowerment may not work properly. Some employees need systematic supervision to perform at the optimum levels. But, the employees, who display initiative and the desire to modify their responsibilities to make their job procedures more well-organized should be permitted to have more hold on what they do. Empowerment, in combination with the appropriate training, can be a prevailing employee Motivation strategy.

Other Types of Motivation Strategy

1. Job Redesigning – Repetitive jobs sometimes decreases performance levels of the employees. Repetitive jobs create some form of boredom in the employees that automatically demoralized them. Keeping this in mind, managers, with the help of top management sometimes redesigns the jobs of individual employee or group. Three aspects of job redesigning are very important – job enlargement, job rotation, and job enrichment.

2. Flexible Work Environment – Many employees value flexible work environment, where they could avail good amount of time for themselves or their families, more than anything else. These days, flexible working hours, where employees could fix their own work schedule, has been getting higher levels of supports from the employees. Thus, flexible work environment has become an influential Motivation strategy for the modern-day organizations.

Help with Motivation Strategies Assignment:

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