A particular postcolonial school that emerged in the 1980s and 1990s, motivated by Edward W. Said’s seminal work Orientalism, frequently shapes how this substantial body of literature is discussed in academic settings (1978). The postcolonial theory examines complex cultural-political issues related to race, imperialism, language, national and ethnic identity, and “otherness” during and after the colonial periods. After Said, Gayatri C. Spivak and Homi K. Bhabha emerged as the leading exponents of postcolonial theory. Additionally, if you need postcolonial literature writing help, consider hiring BookMyEssay.

In a strictly literal sense, the term “postcolonial studies” refers to the historical period of the late twentieth century when the European empires of the nineteenth and early twenty-first centuries disintegrated, and former colonies attained their political independence.

Amusing Drama

One of the most traditional and well-respected literary genres is drama. It can be a platform for expressing complicated ideas and attitudes, just like other literary genres. Postcolonial authors utilized drama and theater in more than just theatrical performances. On the other hand, Postcolonial theater stages performances as a form of protest against colonialism and its aftereffects. The postcolonial theater serves as a tool for maintaining precontact communities and for cultural transition, in addition to criticizing cultural ambiguities and imperialism’s horrors. Postcolonial theater can take on a variety of shapes, including adaptations of well-known works, rituals, historical drama, storytelling, and community-based performances.

Identifiable by their distance from the center, and, probably most importantly, who is made the object of the imperial ‘ego”s anticipated mastery. Gayatri Spivak came up with the word “othering” to describe how imperial discourse produces its “others.” If you need Essay Outline Help online, consider hiring BookMyEssay writing services.

Contemporary Postcolonial Literature

This dissertation traces the use of theatre by many postcolonial dramatists who wrote in Arabic and English. They wrote to express the debate between the self and the other or colonizer and colonized. The authors chosen are among the most well-known in contemporary postcolonial literature, and their works are among its foundational pieces. The dissertation also aims to highlight the similarities and differences between the various dramatists who employed this genre to depict the self/another dialectic.

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