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Those who are interested in literature is absolutely this blog will be very interesting and informative.  Here in this blog, you can get the details about the rise of post-colonialism and the rise of post-colonial literature. Let’s take a look at the information that we have discussed below

 Let’s Check Out What is  Post Colonialism

Basically the Colonialism or post-colonialism is the research of academic about the heritage culture of colonialism and imperialism,it will focusing on the human punishment of colonists and the control and exploitation of poor lands.

The Post-colonialism is totally based on postmodernism, also it shares some lesson and concepts, and can be regarded as a reaction to or facts of colonialism as same as a reaction to postmodernism is a reaction to postmodernism.  The meaning of colonialism can refer to either a system of government or the ideology view that underlying the system of colonialism system which determines an ideological response to the thought of ​​colonialism rather than the idea of ​​postcolonialism.

The Post-colonialism is a broad analysis, that’s why the theorists may not always agree on a common set of definitions.  At a simple level, this can be completed with the help of anthropological studies because for this you get a better understanding of the colonial period from the real-life experiences of colonial people, based on the assumption that every rulers of colonial period have unreliable statements.

Development of Post Colonial Literature

The development of Post-colonial literature is the  work of literary which is produced by the peoples of the first colonial period. The writers of the post-colonial literature were trying to portray the issues and problems of the end of colonialism in the nation.  Writers highlights this issue in the form of questions which were rise because of social, political or cultural development among the people who lived under the colonialists.  There are various topics which was written in the period of Post-colonial for example racism, the trauma of atrocities by colonists, migration, loss of identity, and so on.  You can also get various literary theories when you read about postcolonial literature.

There are Post-colonial poet are considered as writers of Post-colonial. His all work revolves around the literature of post-colonial .  Mostly the writers their writing related to the imperialism and colonial expansion.  After the colonists left the country there was a great deal of uncertainty and people were not sure what to do next in their life.  In this period there was mass murder and brutal killings.  After the end of the world war 2 the Post-colonial literature began to become most popular. The countries of South Africa, Nigeria and the subcontinent of India are most affected by colonialism and these countries also faced many problems after the colonists left.