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Business Law: An Introduction

Business law is also known as corporate law, company law, enterprise law, or simply commercial law. You can get business law assignment help on every possible topic from this comprehensive area of business studies. We also offer academic assignment support for case studies writing, which are an integral part of business law-related education.

Different areas on which you can receive business law assignment writing help from our experts include:

  1. Corporate Law

It contains the set of laws associated with conduct, rights, and relations of businesses, organizations, companies, and individuals. The corporate laws vary by the country they are applied into. The experts from BookMyEssay can be contacted for corporate law assignment of any country.

Some common types of business organizations across the world include corporation, limited company, limited partnership, limited liability partnership, unlimited company, company limited by guarantee, sole proprietorship, and not-for-profit Corporation. While studying business law, you need to learn about the laws related to these business forms.

The business type in a particular country is sometimes equivalent to a business form in another country. For example, Soc. Col (Sociedad Colectiva) in Argentina is equivalent to general partnership in the USA. Due to difference in the names and very small difference in operations, the students often get confused. This is where they get the professional support of our corporate law experts.

  1. Consumer Law

The set of laws designed to protect the rights of an individual as a consumer is known as consumer law. The laws can be associated with protecting the identity information of the consumers, prohibition of false advertisements, and implementation of safety measures related to use of product & services. Though the main motive of these laws is to protect the motive of the consumers, the laws usually vary by the country. And when you ask for help with business law assignment writing, you can be sure that only dedicated writers are involved in the assignment preparation process.

Let’s have a brief look at applicability of consumer laws in different countries:

United States

In the US, various consumer protection laws are applicable at state and federal level. The enforcement of federal consumer protection laws is done by the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, the Federal Trade Commission, the Food and Drug Administration, and the US Department of Justice.

United Kingdom

The UK is bound by the directives of the EU (European Union) when it comes to consumer protection. The consumers can make complaints the Citizens Advice Consumer Service that offers legal advice to the consumers. The complaint can also be re-directed to Trading Standards for Investigation. The complexities related to domestic law and the ones associated with EU can be sorted by writing services on business law assignment.


In Australia, the individual State Consumer Affair agencies or the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission are responsible for the consumer protection. The consumers get protection regulation for financial products and services with the help of the Australian Securities and Investment Commission.

The writing help for business law comes with dedicated writers for every country.

  1. Environment Law

To protect the environment from the impact of industrialization, globalization, and trade, a set of laws are implemented by most of the countries. You can receive support for this area from our business law assignment help experts. As a part of environment law, the institution can give you assignments on waste management, chemical safety, air pollution, safety of wildlife & natural resources, environmental assessment impact, and several other areas.

  1. Intellectual Property laws

This is completely separate area of business law that deals with the protection of original property developed in someone’s mind. It is associated with copyright, trademarks, marketing plans, patenting, etc.

If a company or an individual violates intellectual property rights, they are liable for punishment under civil law or criminal law. It depends on the type of property involved, along with the nature of the action and jurisdiction. Apart from support for regular assignments, BookMyEssay offers dissertation writing help for intellectual property laws.

The need of assignment help

The complexities arising out of business laws make it difficult for students to prepare the assignments. Development of argumentative style also results in challenges for the students. The lack of practical knowledge and availability of sufficient resources further make the process difficult. These issues result in the need of business law assignment writing help.

Business Law Assignment Writing Help by BookMyEssay

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