Australia is a beautiful country and continent which is surrounded by the Indian and Pacific ocean. Australia’s major coastal cities are Sydney, Melbourne, Perth, Adelaide and Brisbane And its capital is Canberra which is an inland city. This beautiful country is also well known for its Sydney opera house, a vast desert known as the outback, the Great Barrier Reef and unique animal species like duck-billed platypuses and Kangaroos.

The Commonwealth of Australia

The formal name for Australia is The Commonwealth of Australia. Australia is both a Representative democracy as well as a constitutional monarchy with Queen as the head of the state. Australian politics has been dominated by many parties throughout the course of history and these days Australian political scene is mainly referred as a two-party political system. Although saying it as a two-party politics is a cause for debate, the fact remains same that Australia’s political system has become more and more stable with the time since it was formed.

The Commonwealth of Australia was formed as a result of an agreement between six independent British colonies to become one United States of a Nation in 1901. The terms of this agreement, or let’s say that the rules for this new government were embodied in The Australian Constitution which defined that how the government of Australia must operate and what issues it can make and pass the laws on. The birth of Australian nation is also known as the Federation because a federal system of government was created by its constitution. In a federal system, Powers are equally distributed between a central government and the individual states of the nation. In the case of Australia, The powers were divided between the six state governments and the commonwealth federal government.

How Government In Australia Works?

The Australian political system is based on the British system and has borrowed many aspects of the constitution from it. The Parliament is the keystone of the Australian system of representative democracy and is very important in Australia.

The parliament in Australia consists of the Queen (represented by the governor-general), The Senate and The House of Representatives. The laws are passed by the parliament and affect the whole country. There is a large number of issues defined in section 51 of the Australian Constitution on which parliament can make and imply the laws.

The major three arms in the government of Australia are:

  • The Parliament (The Legislature ): The Parliament is responsible for the debates and voting on the new laws to be introduced in section 51 of the constitution.
  • The Australian Government (The Executive ): The executive arm aka the Australian government is responsible for the implementation and upholding of the laws passed by the legislative arm. Some Certain ministers from the legislation are also the members of the executive arm, with some special responsibilities regarding some certain laws.
  • The Judiciary: The judiciary is known as the legal arm of the Federation. It is independent of the other two arms and plays the role of enforcing the laws and keeping a watch upon other two arms that if the parliament and the government are acting within their

Although the Commonwealth of Australia is formed by the six states altogether, all these states still possess the power of making their laws over the issues which are not controlled by the commonwealth under section 51 of the constitution. State governments even have their legislature, executive and judiciary structural system.

Politics in Australia

Even if the political parties in Australia have their differences and different opinions with tension arisen sometimes, Politics in Australia only stands for protecting the rights of its citizens and promoting their economic and social well-being. In return, the citizens are expected to respect the rules and laws and contribute to the society.

In today’s scenario of globalization, Australia proudly represents itself as a properly governed liberal democratic country, and it is made sure that the laws which Parliament passes and the decisions its members make are within the best interest of the Australian citizens.

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