MLA stands for Modern Language Association. It is more commonly known as an essay writing style. Some other writing styles are APA style, Harvard Business style etc. Many professors provide guidelines to write the essays in different styles in which MLA style is most popular. Many students find it quite complicated to use this style as they are not familiar with it completely. There are many professional websites which provide assignment help for MLA referencing style. One such site is which offers writing service for all types of writing style. Their assignment paper help is still unmatched in the market.

What are Works Cited Pages?

Whenever some research paper is written, it contains information from various sources. These sources may be the internet websites, other research papers, journals, articles, newspapers etc. These reference pages with sources from which the information is taken are called works cited pages. By rule, this reference citation should be included in every research paper written by the students. Without including the reference, the research paper is taken as incomplete and is not acceptable. An MLA works cited page depicts all included and consulted sources in the paper. The reference is either shown in a parentheses or a full reference is given. In a parentheses name of author with page number is given whereas in a full reference author’s name, book’s name, publisher’s name and the year of publishing is shown.

How to Create an Authentic Works Cited Page?

An authentic MLA works cited page has certain unique characteristics which make it different from other writing styles. These characteristics may be certain guidelines like the organization, styling and placement of the text. These are discussed below:

  • Formatting of page: The reference page is always included at the end of the research paper. Even if it is organized as a slideshow, it is in the last slide. Formatting of this page refers to the placing of the margin, spacing and the listing. There should be one inch margin around the text. There should be double spacing between the lines. The reference page should be the last page of the paper.
  • Format of Headings and Title: The running head should include the name of the author and page number on each page. It should be placed in upper right corner of the page.
  • Organization of list: The complete list of the references should be on the left side of the page. It is generally placed alphabetically according to the name of the authors.
  • Formatting the names of authors: Generally the names of the authors are written with last name first followed by the first name spaced by a comma. The rule remains same even when more authors are cited.
  • Rules of writing title: All titles should be written in title case i.e. all words except conjunctions should be capitalized.

Choosing the Best Assignment Help for MLA Referencing Style

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