A sequence convergence calculator is something that is operated by a web of networks acting as a calculator to calculate the divergence or convergence of a function’s limit as a value variable thus ‘n’ approaches infinity. In the case where ‘n’ is not present as a variable in the expression, the plot is returned. A sequence convergence calculator also supports multivariate functions, but the limit is still calculated for the variable ‘n’= infinity.

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Using the calculator is an effortless job because of the simplistic interface it provides. It contains a text box where the function is entered. It is a must that the expression  entered into it has the variable ‘n’, and it can also be a function of other variables such as x, y , z and so on. Constructing to all this, the calculator thus evaluates an expression.

The convergent functions’ value approaches to a finite, definite value as the value of the variable decreases or increases to infinite or negative infinite respectively.

The convergence is then indicated by a reduction in the difference between function values for consecutive values of the variable that may approach infinity either negatively or positively.

The magnitude of the difference is not restricted as it depends upon the function itself. The calculator analyze the interval and determines the function of convergence. This explains the need to take the limit to infinity because of no restriction to the magnitude.

The other feature that consists of the divergent functions grow unboonliunded along with increasing variable value, in a way where if the variable maximizes the value also maximizes and therefore the function is maximized too. Here maximum stands for a number that cannot be determined (infinity).

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Steps to Use a Sequence Convergence Calculator

Dividing it into 4 major steps that as follows:

Step 1- making sure that the function contains the variable ‘n’.

Step 2- entering the function into the text box as an inline math text. The box will be labelled as ‘An’.

Step 3- ensure to enclose the function with parentheses ().

Step 4- you can now press the submit button to get the results.

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