The word ‘Criminology’ derives from Latin and Greek languages. The word ‘crimen’ means an accusation adopted as crimin and the word ‘logia’ means the study adopted as logy. This derived the term criminology. It defines as a scientific study of the illegal aspects of a crime and delinquency. Criminology lays down all the aspects pertaining to crimes i.e. prevention, punishment, psychological aspect, physical aspect, etc. a criminologist studies all around and in-depth information covering all the above-mentioned aspects of a crime. Criminologists play a crucial role in advising the investigation authorities as well as solving any criminal case which is always mysterious and unique.

Qualities of a Criminologist

If considered as a profession, the job looks like an extremely thrilling and adventurous one intact with loads of adrenaline and excitement. However grass is not always greener on the other side, the job is a very serious profession and requires immense patience and top-notch focus, and concentration power. Criminologist has an eye of an eagle and is as smart as an owl because of the detail-oriented nature they possess therefore are able to assess and crack vivid and mind-boggling cases we often come across.

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How do Criminologists Contribute to the Society?

It is acceptable to question that without being a lawyer or under a police department or an investigation officer how can a criminologist contribute to society?

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Conducting Research: you must have seen it in a lot of crime series or in real life that police departments take guidance from experts while conducting research pertaining to a program. The experts mentioned here are criminologists who are an artist at conducting rapid research in no time.

Developing Theories: a criminologist weaves a thread of stories around a lead or research they may find that are assumptions that allow the force to move forward in a particular direction rather than running everywhere. These assumptions after getting a firm status due to investigations around it are called theories.

Investigating Crime Scenes: you might as well have seen that while investigating a crime scene police take assistance from various forensics and other criminology experts. These experts are adept at performing such stunts due to their detail orientation as well as the presence of the mind.

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