There are many reasons for learning the maths concept. Once the children grab the basic concepts along with the terminology of the mathematical terms. Maths is a problem solving method used for proper functioning of brain and builds one’s ability in decision-making and think in the multiple direction.  Maths not only important for building learning ability but also, in several fields such as, in the computer coding. Writing a vocabulary on the mathematical terms, in a creative, beautiful and eloquent way.

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Vocabulary is meant to understand the comprehension and many key areas to understand the concept that includes mathematics. Effective methods are concerned for understanding the diverse complicated problems. Learning and teaching the language of mathematics for mathematical proficiency. Learning the mathematical vocabulary for language development and mathematical proficiency.  Research on creating a vast mathematical vocabulary for teaching purpose.

 Why Mathematical Terminology is Necessary?

  • Understanding the core structure of the question: word problems are the best way to enhance ones’ decision making ability. And shuffling of words would allow ones’ brain to function and link the threads to solve appropriate solutions. Resolving the complex problems can build ones’ abilities to understand the problem.
  • Daily usage of the words:   the multiplication can be termed as times, product, multiple, divided by, divided into, multiplication and product. whereas, the addition can be count as, combined, plus, total, more, greater, in all and altogether. On the other hand, division is also named as divided by, distribute, divisor, quotient, shared equally, and equal groups.   In continuation with this, the subtraction is also known as difference, subtract, remain, less, fewer and minus.
  •  Geometry shapes: if English is not the first language of the child, then he need to work on different vocabulary. There are mathematical terms for the 3D shapes, volume and surface areas for the computational problems. Several mathematical vocabularies can improve not only English but also allow you to look the same thing in multiple ways.
  • Maths Discussions:  Teaching the mathematics is not only related to building the reasoning ability, but also allow students to present the same problem in unique way and in their own language. Concise mathematical terms can build your deeper understanding and allow one to form their opinion.
  •  Conclusion:  Solving maths problem, the first and foremost concern should be to learn the mathematics formula and short tricks. besides one need to try their hand in the solving various kinds of problem. The calculative method might be same but words often lead to confusion.  This is why, practicing 10 solutions per day can boost ones’ calculative skills and build maths vocabulary.

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