Optimization is a way to lead our lives. We have finite time and resources and we should use them optimally. Linear Programming is a simple way of performing optimization. LP can help you solve the complicated optimization problems through simplifying assumptions. There are problems and applications that can be solved by LP. Though some linear programming is done manually, some calculations and variables are too complicated and need computational software. Many students look for Linear Programming Assignment Help from BookMyEssay.

What is Linear Programming?

Linear Programming is a technique where complicated relationships are detected via linear programs and the optimum points are found out. The real relationships can be more complicated, however, they are simplified with linear relationships. The applications of linear programming are all around you. You can use it at both professional and personal fonts. You can use it when you want to take the shortest distance route while going to your work from home.  Linear programming can be used to obtain the optimal solution for problems that have constraints. The real-life problems are formulated into mathematical models. These are discussed in detail in our linear programming assignment help.

Applications of Linear Programming

Food and Agriculture: Farmers apply the techniques of linear programming by determining the number of crops they must grow and how to use them efficiently to enhance their revenue. To provide low-cost and healthy foods, nutritionists use linear programming. Mathematical modeling offers help to calculate the foods required to offer nutrition at very low cost

Engineering: Engineers use linear progrmming for solving manufacturing and design problems. It gives engineers the essential tool to shape optimization.

Efficient manufacturing: Manufacturing needs changing the raw materials into finished products, which maximize the revenue of a company. Every manufacturing process step should work efficiently to achieve that goal. For maximizing profit, the companies should use the linear expression to use the raw materials. The machines that create bottlenecks should be addressed.

Transportation: The transportation systems should depend on linear programming for time and cost-efficiency. Train and bus routes should factor in scheduling, passengers, and travel time. Airlines use it for optimizing their profits as per the customer demand and seat prices. Airlines use linear programming to schedule pilots and routes. Optimization through this programming enhances the efficiency of airlines and reduces expenses.

Energy: The modern energy grids do not just integrate the traditional electrical systems but the renewables including solar and wind photovoltaic. For optimising the requirements of electric load, transmission lines, generators, and storage should be considered. Simultaneously, the costs should remain sustained. Linear programming offers a method for optimising the design of the electric power system. Linear programming can optimize load-matching or optimize cost thus giving a valuable tool.

These applications are explained in our linear programming assignment help.

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