Construction design documentation is an important part of construction projects. There are numerous documents involved in the construction, out of which design documents are the most important. They are the subset of the construction documents which include several other details and documents. Design documents mostly include floor plans, interior and exterior view of the building. While learning the ins and outs of construction business, students learn about design documentation too. For further assistance, they could hire experts from BookMyEssay, to get Construction Engineering Assignment Help.

Reasons for Maintaining the Quality of Design Documents for Construction

In this blog we will discuss about the challenges faced while maintaining the quality of design documents for construction. The reason, why, quality requires to be maintained while construction is:

  1. If there are any flaws in the design documents, it may result in work getting obstructed or hampered.
  2. To refrain from noticing quality lapses after the construction is done.
  3. Not getting in a situation where it is impossible to undo the construction errors.
  4. Steer clear of quality issues that involve properties where huge sums of money is pumped in.

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3 Key Issues Regarding Quality of Design Documents

Lack of Accuracy: Complexities can result in delay and rework. Missing information or incomplete information are such complexities that can arise when construction is underway. Further, when distributed teams work on the same project from different locations, inconsistencies are a common thing. Illegible writing, file conversion glitches, and incomprehensible symbols/abbreviations are some of the other accuracy-related issues may arise and should be addressed as soon as noticed. Setting expectations, a checklist for QC, standardization of the entire design process are some steps towards avoiding future inaccuracies. Additionally, if experienced and technically sound designers are a part of project then accuracy issues will become a thing if past.

Constructability: The designs of the structure should be put up using standard methods to major construction issues. When the design documents are made properly the construction job will never face issues. The mismatch between the design and construction of the building can be avoided or minimizes if architects and contractors communicate clearly to avoid any doubt that may result in construction glitches. Research surveys, follow-up meetings can help reduce or eliminate the problems related to construction feasibility.

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Gaps in Communication: The designer, engineer and the contractor interprets different drawings in different ways. It creates issues in the final construction of the structure. All this results from the miscommunication of the designs and no efforts to clear the confusion. But when it comes to documenting the designs of construction, there is no scope for misinterpretation. All the stakeholders are given access to the design documents, thus the situation remains in control. Thus, this keeps the key people on the same page until the construction is completed.

Bottom line

The high quality construction design documents are not a rocket-science. They need not to be complicated or time consuming. Now, these intricacies of design documentation in construction has to be understood by students during the course of Construction Engineering. BookMyEssay, is a one stop destination to cater to the needs of students regarding assignment writing requirements. They are available online and their helpline is open 24by7. BookMyEssay provides affordable assignments, with zero plagiarism and on time delivery.