A new research has shown that the dropout rate at the vocational educational institutes is many times lower than the dropout rates in the other types of institutes. It is the clear indication of the growing interest in vocational training among the students. Vocational education emphasizes on the teaching on some specific technical subjects where intensive skill appertaining various technical aspects are required. So, when in academic or broader professional arena students get theoretical as also practical knowledge on the whole subject, in vocational education students are trained to specialize in the technical aspect only. In any country, vocational education has huge demand manufacturing industries and always there remains a scarcity of trained people in different technical fields than actually required.

Do Students Prefer Vocational Courses?

BookMyEssay has been dealing with thousands of students every year. This ace assignment writing service provider is also familiar with the education system in various industrial nations like the UK, the USA, and Australia. They have noticed a growing demand for different technical or vocational education among the students. Many students directly opt technical courses right after completing the school education while many others prefer to complete an undergraduate course and the join vocational courses of their choice. So, it is true that vocational education is getting more importance these days everywhere. As the interest on the courses among the students has been rising so also the dropout rate.

Growth of Vocational Education

In the previous century, the vocational course was restricted to certain trades like automobile mechanic, welder, electrician, etc. There was some sort of social stigma too as these professionals were considered economically weak and the professions were considered lower category profession. In several countries, the course structures were not so strong that can attract the students in larger numbers. The job was not secured neither there was any scope to grow with experience. In fact, in several countries, most of the vocational training was related to apprenticeship system of learning. Some remarkable change was noticed when many countries particularly several European nations and developing countries like China, Brazil, India, Argentina, etc. opened their market for the foreign companies.

Since then demand for skilled workers has been growing in almost every trade like automobile, electrical equipment manufacturing, electronics, computer hardware, medical equipment, sports equipment, and different industrial products. This growing demand automatically induced the concerned authorities to establish vocational training schools everywhere and revamp the existing schools. Even some business houses opened their own vocational institute to train people and absorb them in their own system. That trend is still continuing with the changing mindset of the general public. Naturally, students who have a knack in certain streams and want to enter the job market early opt vocational education.

Why are the Vocational Courses So Popular?

Vocational training courses are popular due to three reasons:

  • These courses being technical in nature make the study process more practical and interesting.
  • Students need to learn minimum theory.
  • Unlike academic streams, these courses are mostly short duration courses like 12 months or 18 months.
  • Students are mostly absorbed in the industries; as such jobs are immediate and demanding.
  • Career growth is also quick and demand increases with increasing experience.

Naturally, the stigma of the 20th century is no more in any country. Vocational programs are highly demanding these days. As the statistics, such demand is not going to dissipate on future.

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