A resume summary is an optional section you can use at the start of your resume. They’re useful if you want to direct a recruiter’s attention to specific skills or roles you’re looking at. Additionally, you can use this section to highlight achievements that are not already in the rest of your resume. The resume summary generator by BookMyEssay uses adaptive phrase technology to write a professional statement at the beginning of your resume. We also ask you to fill in the minimum set of personal data that is needed to build a text. As a result, you get a ready-to-use resume summary, which you can edit and modify if you wish.

Our algorithms are constantly being improved as we strive to provide you with the text of the best quality, but in most cases, we recommend that the final summary be re-checked in case of minor mistakes and inaccuracies.

What is a Resume Summary?

A resume summary is one of the most important components of any resume, and it’s probably the most challenging part to write. Yet here you have the golden opportunity to summarize your greatest professional qualities in your own words — as if creating a self-portrait in writing. If done well, your resume summary can start off your CV with a bang, catching hiring managers’ attention immediately. But if done poorly, it can be an instant turnoff.

The resume summary is also known as a resume profile, and sometimes as a personal statement or job objective. The resume summary serves to summarize your experience, skills, and other qualifications for any job you’re seeking. Unlike the rest of the resume, the summary is not in the form of a list but is written in your own words in the order you choose. This means the summary is a unique opportunity to highlight your most impressive qualifications right up front, and also to showcase your personality, passion, and drive.

Elements of a Resume

Every resume should have at least five elements :

Header with contact info

Resume summary

Employment history



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