The USA is called the land of opportunity. Over the centuries, the country has allured thousands of academicians and professionals in different fields to work in this country. At the same time, every year millions of students from different parts of the world, especially from Asia, South America, and Africa, migrate to the USA in quest of higher studies, and better research opportunities. The country is the establishment of some of the world-famous colleges and universities, studying there is a lifelong dream of millions of students. Over the last few years, significant changes in the “types” of students migrating in this country have been taking place.

Have a look at some of the most visible changes that have been noticed:

1. Average age of the students has come down – There was a time, when students used to come in this country for perusing research works, Ph.D., D.Sc. etc. in different disciplines, especially in science, and engineering. This trend has changed significantly. More and more collage level students have been migrating to this country to pursue undergraduate and postgraduate degrees in science, engineering, and management. Thus, the average age of the students migrating in the USA has come down approximately 5 years.

2. More students from Asian countries – China, India, South Korea, and UAE is the first four countries from where the highest number of students migrate to the USA. In 2015-16, almost one million students migrated in this country, of which, 31.5% are from China, 15.9% from India, 6% from South Korea, and 5.8% from UAE. Just 10 years ago, UAE was nowhere in the first four positions. The fourth place was occupied by Japan with almost 7% of total student migration. At that time, the top four countries were responsible for 42.1% of total Asian migration. Now, the top four countries send almost 57% of the total migrating students in the USA.

3. Increasing number of management and computer students – The trend in the fields of studies has been changing too. Even a decade ago, students in science and engineering disciplines had a tendency to migrate in the USA, now more and more management students are migrating in this country. At the same time, huge number of students in commuter science and IT are also taking admission in different universities in the USA.

4. Self-funding students – A paradigm shift has also taken place in the educational funding and financial backup system. Up to 1990s, students from the other countries had to depend on the scholarships provided to the students by the universities. Now, over 60% of total migrating students provide their own educational expenses. Scholarships are still available, but that are reserved for exceptionally good students. Banks and financial institutions in Asian, and African countries are now proving foreign educational loans to the students, which enable the middle-class students to comfortably migrate in this country.

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