Why do Most people think that PhD Graduates should end up in Teaching Career?

Not every Ph.D. student wants to be a professor. But most of the Ph.D. science graduates end up in teaching alone. This age-old culture and tradition are followed by many students. This is due to the fact that there is lack of proper guidance for those students who want to do Ph.D. This monotony keeps going on and on and led to misery to those Ph.D. science graduates who do not want to be in a teaching career. They want something different and off the track. Science assignment help can assist you to find the right job.

The educational institutions, surprisingly, have not paid any attention to this point. Why there is no promotion of Ph.D. science degree for non-academic careers? Why there is no information given to students that there are many career options other than teaching? The counselors sitting on the career guidance desk do not know an inch about transitioning into non-academic careers. The network of the institutions outside the academia is very poor. Matters become worse for the international students. They have to find a job within 90 days of their graduation. So, they can think only of an academic job. All the academic advisors and the education system have taught them that they do not have a place in the industry and have to do an only academic job and get best assistance services for assignment writing.

Top ten Non-Teaching options for Ph.D. Science Graduates:

Most industries need Ph.D. students. These students have to understand clearly that which industry needs them and why. There is the wide number of options available for STEM PhDs. Here we have a list of top 10 non-academic careers for PhDs they will love to consider applying for:

  • Market Research Analyst: Provide ideal commercialization path for reducing losses and maximizing profits.
  • Business Development Manager: They use scientific knowledge and technical skills to forecast revenues, profit, and loss to the company.
  • Competitive Intelligence Analyst: Have strong technical knowledge of executive decision making in the company.
  • Product Manager: Performs analysis of product performance and reviving or phasing out old products.
  • Management Consulting: Demands Leadership skills and problem-solving skills in teamwork.
  • Quantitative Analyst: Demands all major financial analysis involved in financial trading.
  • Medical Communication Specialist: They write and edit materials which healthcare organizations communicate with patients, clients, and medical professionals.
  • Healthcare Information Technology Specialist: They organize medical data into electronic form.
  • Operations Research Analyst: These investigate complex issues and solve operational problems in a company.
  • Medical Science Liaison: These build rapport with various KOLs in various therapeutic research areas.

How can you have Science assignment help from professionals?

Getting a PhD degree was not so easy. Even if one gets it by hard work and dedication, there are no jobs other than academic and teaching jobs. Recently, as the trend of the world has shifted to industry and market, more focus has been towards jobs for Ph.D. graduates other than academics. As awareness increased about what other fields and industries demand from STEM PhD.s, the science assignments originated several opportunities for STEM PhD.s. BookMyEssay has discussed top 10 industrial positions for STEM PhDs which are highly respectable and also high paid. Custom dissertation writing services from BookMyEssay has focused on today’s emerging trends of industry-oriented jobs for PhDs.