Electrical engineering is one of the popular choices of engineering students.  Roughly, 17,388 students complete their graduation program in electrical engineering subject every year in the United States. The electrical engineering course offers a good career opportunity for students and there is a boost of 40% almost in income of Electrical engineers.

There are many universities present in the United States offering the bachelor course in electrical engineering. The Bachelor program of electrical engineering comprises of both theory as well as assignments. Students receive assignments on various topics. In the assignments, the students are required to score good grade as it is included in their final grade. Therefore, sometimes student take electrical engineering assignment help from professionals.

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But, before we talk about the assignment help of BookMyEssay in detail, have a look on top universities, where you can take the bachelor degrees in electrical engineering.

Massachusetts Institute of Technology – This is the top university for taking Electrical Engineering course. In addition to bachelor’s programs, University offers graduate degrees in EE. Cambridge. It is excellent for those who enjoy city life.

It is affordable and at the #12 position in Massachusetts. It scores over 34 on the ACT?

University of California – Berkeley This is one of the best for the Electrical Engineering Bachelor program. Students graduate in EE from the university earn an average of $79,634 as their starting salary and about $134,688 during their mid career. It is one the largest student bodies in California.

Cornell University New York – This is again an excellent choice for Electrical Engineering course. In addition to bachelor’s programs the university offers graduate degrees in EE as well. The place has the ideal environment for college students

Stanford University California – The University offers graduate program EE.

University, 7.0% of college grads is the default rate of 1.0% is impressive. The University has 11:1 student-to-faculty ratio.

Georgia Institute of Technology – The university is best pursuing EE course. The university has one of finest campus. The Tech department has the popular football team for men.

Carnegie Mellon University Pennsylvania – It is again the best choice for Electrical Engineering major. EE is the popular choice at University.

Duke University in North Carolina – One of the best for EE course and it is popular for the support it offers for military personnel. The university has top-ranked basketball team men’s.

California Institute of technology, California – The university is again an excellent choice because of the quality education and support. The 92.1 percent of professors here are full time.

University of Texas at Austin – The University offers graduate degrees in EE.  In Texas, it is among the largest schools.

Texas, Univeristy of lllinois – With over 20,000 students in campus, the university is one of the biggest schools in the nation.

You can check the respective site of these universities to know the details of these universities and their admission process and other information. And if you are already enrolled here and looking for electrical engineering dissertation help online, then take the assistance from BookMyEssay team.