A business plan is mandatory, whether your objective is to begin a one-person business or a million- dollar business. If you want to begin a small product/service business as a one-person company or a sole proprietorship then you do not require a business plan consisting of 50-pages. A shorter business plan shall suffice. An easy and quick business plan template may get you what you want. Writing a single page business plan rather than a hundred-page or an in-depth business plan has become an efficient and popular way to move your small business in the proper direction.

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Things to Consider

If you prepare a one-page business plan then you are a freelancer or a sole entrepreneur. You want additional money. When you put the business plans into a single page, you have to do things such as the following:

  • Prioritize: Limiting the business plan to a single page means including the important elements of a small new business.
  • Simplify: You need to keep it simple
  • Organize: Putting your plans and dreams into one-page plans enables you to organize quickly and move forward.

Inclusions in a One-page Business Plan

Putting the business plan into a single page is better than other options. This kind of business plan is different from lengthy business plans as this plan is not meant to get funding or gain support. There are plenty of things, which are recommended in a business plan. However, they should not be a part of a one-page plan. The examples are Management Organization, Executive Summary, and Funding Request.

Few Basic Ideas to Get Started:

Identify the business model: There are various business models when you begin your own business. Think of business beyond a basic product or service. Consider whether your business model has the chance to scale or is static.

Description of the company: What shall the company sell and what will the company do? If you are selling a product or providing a service then you will sell or provide to whom and why?

Products and Services: What products and services you will offer? How much will be their cost?

Marketing and Sales: How will you get customers?

The Financials: Use your budget and market analysis to find out the financials in your business plan. The budget is what the business shall cost. Thereafter, you have to figure out how to pay for it.

Milestones and goals: How many customers are needed to make a successful business? How long it shall take to generate monthly revenue or the required number of customers?

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