The interference of AI, i.e., Artificial Intelligence in education, has enhanced education’s scope by taking the learning and teaching environment to the next level. The process of teaching and learning all goes with continuous interaction between the teachers and the learners. Therefore the relationship that the students have with the teachers is a part of the overall learning experience. The intervention of AI in education has made it more individualized and accessible. It allows the tutors to provide the students with a more personalized approach, thus encouraging them to continue with education. Therefore with the increasing satisfaction level of the student’s deficiency of learning can be improved. The students can access help from the writers of BookMyEssay for writing assignments like Artificial Intelligence Assignment Help.

Educational Data Mining

The educational data mining techniques track the students’ behavior that includes collecting the data on assignment submission or class attendance to identify the students at risk of leaving the school. In this way, the students are provided the support they need to stay on track with their education with the dilemma of not losing students by the educational institutions. At several institutions, both online and offline, student retention can be a problem. By using predictive analytics, the system can point the students who are intending to leave the school. The contents of the artificial intelligence assignment help support the students to understand the involvement of AI in education.

Predictive Analytics

According to the researches, it shows that almost 40-80% of the students drop out of the online classes. Several learners give up their e-learning experiences at the initial stage, which might be a problem for the sales managers of a company whose remuneration often relies on the students to stay in the course for a given number of weeks or make an upfront payment. However, the students might leave a learning course by getting influenced through various motivational or social factors. Moreover, like the telecom companies that can predict churn, it is often possible to predict the attrition rates. Therefore the results of using the predictive analysis for predicting churn can be impressive. Since the platform helps collect data about the students’ engagement and performance, this information can be analyzed for finding the patterns that suggest a particular student is at the risk of dropping out.

Transformation of Personalized Learning through Artificial Intelligence

Personalized education allows the student to experience a better learning process, which is crucial in the extremely competitive e-learning market. Rather than making everyone learn the same things, personalized learning often proves to be more successful. In this process, the students’ motivation stays high, and they continue education, as the personalized course truly brings better results. The platform of personalized learning can be implemented in any course, improving higher education or professional skills or self-development. Personalized learning can also be a factor that might affect the learners’ decision to continue or abandon an online learning experience. Through the service of essay assignment helpthe students can solve all complex queries of their assignments.

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