International Marketing

It is a marketing stream which focuses on international customers. The introduction of the brand globally is termed as International Marketing. The products and services are exchanged across the countries of the world. No doubt the revenue is huge and the brand is established globally through International Marketing but to attain this some challenges have to be faced and overcome in a winning way.

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What are the Challenges Faced by Firms for International Marketing and How to Face Them?

International marketing is fruitful for those businesses which want to expand in other countries. The profits are in international currency and brand establishment occurs internationally. This can have many challenges on its way. These challenges are briefly discussed as under and how these can be overcome:

Identify the True needs of a Market: Any business which can offer products and services globally can go for international market. The main challenge is to identify the true needs of the international market. Customers are not same everywhere. The business has to target their common demands.

Dilution of Power of Brand Name: Today the power of internet and social media has given an international recognition to some brands. But to gain an edge over the local brands which have been in use by the local people for decades could be a herculean task. To retain the popularity one should work hard to displace the local brands.

Different Cultural Preferences: Cultural preferences across the world can be a difficulty in spreading the international message from a brand. The accurate translation of an advertising campaign is needed in different countries. Only then your brand can be truly established.

Difference in Communication and Language: International marketing needs negotiations which are quite difficult due to language barriers. They have to hire local people in order to make the local customers understand their viewpoint.

Challenge of Distance and Time: The difference in time zones can be a hurdle to communicate and work in coordination. Some common meeting point has to be established in order to harmonize the business.

Finding Trustworthy Partners: This is a challenge when you hire local people and capture their own markets. Only trustworthy and reliable partners can help you to succeed.

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