What are Major Disciplinary Issues in any Organization?

There are several disciplinary issues in any organization. These vary in their occurrence. Some issues are most frequent, some moderate and some infrequent. But an issue is an issue even it may have occurred only once. It is not negligible. It has to be dealt suitably and lawfully so that no injustice to both the parties may occur. Some major disciplinary issues faced by most of the organizations are as follows:

  • Misconduct: Employees sometimes show this disciplinary issue with their subordinates in the company. They coax them on unnecessary topics so the problem increases.
  • Lack of performance: Some employees can’t perform well in the organization without any genuine reason. They do so willingly to disturb the atmosphere of the company. They play game of politics in the organization to decrease the work efficiency.
  • Absence from work: Sometimes employees remain absent from work without any proper reason. This is due to lack of interest in work or due to unsupportive nature of the fellow employees.
  • Failure to follow rules and policies of the organization: Some employees do not understand the rules and regulation of the company completely so they end up doing something which may be taken as a disciplinary action.
  • Dishonesty: An honest employee is a boon to the organization. Dishonesty in even a single employee can ruin the repute of the organization. This is a serious issue which should be sorted out as soon as possible.
  • Theft and misuse of company’s resources: This is a serious issue which can affect a company dearly. Employees taking to theft and misuse of resources should be immediately suspended if the allegation is proved.   

What are the Best Solutions for Disciplining Employees Effectively?

Disciplining employees effectively can help to correct the behavioural issues in employees and can increase the performance and productivity in the organization. Often maintaining discipline is considered a four step process in normal organizations. But as far as HR is concerned, these four steps are refined and performed in such a way so as to protect the company against wrong, unlawful and unfair allegations. These four steps are:

  • Oral or verbal warning: It should be done as soon as the manager gets to notice any disciplinary issue. This should be done in such a way that the employee should not take it a personal allegation. It should be taken as a constructive criticism.
  • Written warning: This is undertaken when the employee does not respond positively to the verbal warning and the disciplinary issue continues. This should contain clearly the issue and the necessary changes or solutions.
  • Final Written warning or suspension: This is done when the written warning also fails. The employee should keep in mind that he could be terminated after suspension if he does not meet the required expectations.
  • Termination: This happens when all efforts to resolve the issue fails. This is done in person and lawfully so that the employee could not file a wrong suit against the company.

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