In the current industrial scenario there are two types of businesses. The one type of business execution is done based on the marketing strategy that is set on the conventional wisdom which they get from several kinds of blogs and the expert opinions. There are other types of businesses where the execution of the business is based on their marketing strategy that is set on the relevant research to the origin of the business. The research for the marketing strategy can be carried on with the help of the Marketing Strategy assignment help.

Among all the business operations that are carried on online platform, only 55% are there that understands about the customer journey. It is very difficult for the business to achieve with the marketing campaign and also come to the decision to buy if the executives do not understand their customers. Therefore in this way it would be quite difficult to focus your efforts on the right audience and display them the correct message. Thus for joining the other 45% of the businesses, you need to add the customer journey mapping to your marketing strategy by broking down this process into six different steps that usually takes place in two parts. They are gathering the data and then incorporating all your findings.

Gathering Data

It comprises to be the first step for making your marketing campaign more effective by operating with all the gathered data. Having the accurate data for the customer behavior also ensure you to base your format of messaging on the real-world facts, which are not your assumptions. It can be started with three other possible steps. They are as follows:

  1. Creating a User Persona: You need to understand a user first before starting to map a user journey. The most of your work with the customer can be in vain, if you do not understand the behavior of your customer. It is very important to know about the basic demographic information of a customer along with the problems that the customer solves with your product. Even knowing the online resource that they use is also vital.
  2. Find Key Decisions Steps: Each group of the customers is different and they follow a similar pattern for deciding to buy from you. The steps for deciding include recognizing the problem, looking for information, researching alternatives, making a purchase, and the post-purchase actions. It is easily affordable for every student to avail custom assignment writing service from the online writers for writing on marketing strategy.
  3. Find the Touch Points: The touch points are the interactions that usually correspond to a certain stage in the complete decision making process. Therefore finding these touch points ensure you to have both the tools for understanding the position of the customers on the sales funnel and then promoting to them successfully. To take as an example, seeing a Google Ad can be described as a touch point.

Incorporate the Findings  

It is a very important part as all the previously done work might get wasted, if the incorporation is not done correctly. For this you need to first segment the audience by being more precise with your messaging. Doing it once can let you to use the set of data across all media. Then it involves finding the right platform by leveraging a touch point to your advantages with the right medium like the email, a blog, social media, etc.

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